Nov 14, 2020 in Politics

Carry Guns

Laws (SB 1907) permitting the carrying of concealed weapons in colleges in Texas have been passed, and as we speak, they are already in force. The 84th Legislature is passed into law regulations, allowing people to carry guns into school. Thus people, who are licensed gun holders, would be free to carry their guns either in cars or concealed elsewhere within their reach. However, colleges have been allowed to come up with their own policies that would restrict guns in certain destined and sensitive areas. The law states that schools should not come up with policies that would prohibit such provisions as stated in the (SB 1907).

Impact of the New Laws


With the rampant cases of mass shootings in the United States of America, anything that would make these guns readily available at the disposal of anyone, be it licensed or not, brings fear in many. Further, these laws would compromise the security of students who might be afraid of unknown attacks (Cavanaught et al.). These days, there has been much to write about radicalized youths, and with the continued attacks from people linked to terror groups, such as ISIS, the government cannot know who could attack students and who would not. Therefore, these laws pose a great threat to the lives of students and they would most probably lead to lack of concentration in school among other negative effects (Hemenway et al.).

Guns need to be put far away from the areas where any wrong person might use their availability to harm others. Several incidences have been witnessed as the results of allowing firearms to students. Proponents of such laws believe that they would prevent mass killings, but the truth is that the contrary what would happen. It had already been witnessed, as Charles Whitman, a student, shot 16 people in cold blood, injuring more than 40 people. The shooting remained historical in the American documentaries.

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Advocates of these kinds of laws say that people have the right to defend themselves. They go on to say that if the State gives them permission to carry guns as long as they are licensed why should not they carry them anywhere they go, including schools? Therefore, it is, they say, their right to carry guns and defend themselves anywhere they are. Some argue that if guns are increased, crime would decrease. Everything that pro-guns people in colleges say is that they have the right to defend themselves (Lee).

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Among those, who championed for such laws, there is Republican Governor Gregg Abbot. These laws also received great support from other Republican counterparts. They pointed out that the law will be effected under school heads. They put more emphasis that the law aimed to prevent those trying to carry out the massacre on campuses. To add on the list of supporters of these laws, there are Ryan Guillen, Glenn Hegar Jr. Matt Krause, and Scot Sanford among others. On the other hand, we have those who are against such legislative moves that allowed guns in colleges. Among them were school administrations, such as the University of Texas, that did not succeed in their efforts to bring the laws down. In addition, victims of previous shootings, such as John Artly, were against such laws (Lee).

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Lastly, with the rising cases of radicalization, I do not see anything positive coming out of these laws. The short-term peace may prevail, but in the long run, disaster could happen easily. It will come to a time when the government may not know who has been turned a terrorist and who has not and because the guns would be freely allowed, it would be too late to solve the problem. Further, the government does not know who is a friend to who, and that may bring many criminals into one school who may gang up and plan massive attacks, similar to the 1966 shootings. What needs to be done away with is the thought that self-defense with use of guns is a good idea for colleges. Therefore, such a language ought to be scrapped together with these risky laws.


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