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Cold War Film Review

Cold War Film Review

Without a doubt, the issue of the American and Russian confrontation during the Cold War occupies one of the most significant places even in the contemporary world. However, such contest involved not only the government of these two countries, but also other international actors. Nowadays, this item is worth accurately evaluating, as it does not lose its importance in the modern discourse. In the context of historical reality, this term remains rather controversial and provocative for both participants of this conflict. However, the era of nuclear threats has ended or transformed somehow, and the prominent task of the next generation is to get acquainted with the valuable historical facts concerning this period. Thus, this article is to present the movie The Fourth Protocol dedicated to this issue, analyze the theme of the nuclear threat during the Cold War, and elucidate the particular intergovernmental relations in the selected phase.


The film was released in 1987 and produced by J. Mackenzie, a British director. Based on the novel of F. Forsyth, the movie differs in some ways from the original authors vision. Nevertheless, due to the excellent performances of M. Caine and P. Brosnan as the main characters, this creation appeared to have tremendous success. It has a 71% positive review from critics and viewers on IMDB, which goes to demonstrate how remarkably it portrays the selected epoch (IMDb, 2016).

Specifically, the central plot is based on the term of the East-West agreement that dealt with the prohibition of non-conventional delivery of nuclear weapons. It was signed in 1968, but the effective results of such a reconciliation were far from embedded into an ordinary practice. The transformation of powerful nuclear tools and fuels was augmented, and the governmental institutions had to face numerous obstacles.

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According to the remarkably executed subject line, J. Preston, a MI5 officer, intervened in the British mechanism of controlling the prescribed situation and revealed the secret NATO files, which responded to the topic of nuclear usage. Naturally, the director of MI5 B. Smith could not permit the unsanctioned conduct of his agent. On the contrary, V.Petrovsky a KGB officer should accomplish his mission in the United Kingdom. Returning to the prominent storyline, Preston discovered the disk of polonium which was transported by the American secret forces. In other words, the component of detonator served as an instrumental tool for creating a new nuclear charge. Having come under suspicion, Petrovsky met I. Vassilievna, another KGB agent and a bomb expert. Despite the fact that they succeeded in assembling the device, this woman was believed to be killed. Experiencing an impulsive feeling, Petrovsky decided to activate the bomb; he checked the time of this shot and, finally, appeared to be betrayed. What is more, a special SAS team executed him, because in this period some agents working as double-couriers were interested in gaining mutual profit (Ebert, n. d.).

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Indeed, the author of this film portrayed the discrediting of the British government. As the game covered the spheres of interstate cooperation, Britain was supposed to violate the prescriptions of international law for its own good. In the context of nuclear terrorism, the era of confrontation has manifested its apparent impact on different spheres of life, covering the aspects of political, cultural, economic, and ideological cooperation (The Cold War, n. d.). Needless to say, the rise of mutual hostility and miscomprehension was a common concept which broadened its influence.

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Moreover, the movie is aimed to hold tension in the audience. The particular atmosphere of the film is worth examining accurately. Special attention should be paid to the feeling of danger that keeps the whole audience in suspense. This method serves as a powerful tool in the aspect of depicting this historical period, where violence, assassination, and aggression were the dominant features of the society. By the way, the roles represented in this distinctive narration permit a viewer to dip in the scene of spy history and try the image themselves as independent agents who fight for stability and equality. It should be mentioned that the quick movements and the action sequences also contribute to the outstanding impression of the majority of spectators.

To sum up, it is essential to highlight that this masterpiece requires a precise investigation, as it forms a valuable source for most historians. Depicting the scenes of Cold War confrontation and the problem of the usage of nuclear power, the story serves as a perfect example of the intergovernmental relations of the recent epoch.


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