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My Own Private Idaho by Gus Van Sant

Gays freedoms and rights are limited, and their decisions are not respected. The film My Own Private Idaho shows how gays suffer emotionally because they hide their feelings from the community due to fear. In general, the film can change individuals political sensibilities regarding gays as one sees their desperation for acceptance in society.


The major idea of the film is to reveal the vulnerability of most homosexuals in society. The community lacks sensibilities to promoting the welfare of homosexuals, thus exposing them to destitution and sickness. Secondly, the community does not provide role models that can make homosexuals leave street life and prostitution. Mikes parent lacks influence on his son forcing him to remain on the streets, which makes the hero sick and increases his vulnerability. Further, towards the end of the movie, Scott easily finds a lover showing bias in favor of heterosexual couples.

Several scenes illustrate the thesis statement. To begin with, Mike had to keep his relationship a secret hiding it from his parents. After such a decision, he became a hustler and suffered from narcolepsy. These scenes show how gays are neglected in the society, which makes them even more vulnerable. In addition, the scene about Mike and his girlfriend shows the freedom enjoyed by heterosexual couples as opposed to gays. Scott easily finds love because of his straight sexual orientation but Mike remains lonely because he is gay. Finally, the last scene of the film shows the desperation of the gays to have their freedom. Mike explained that the road will never come to an end indicating that the community will never accept them; hence, the gay community will never accept their freedoms.

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To conclude, Gus Van Sants film My Own Private Idaho represents the outcry of the gay community as they seek acceptance by the society. The film depicts how gays are deprived of their freedom. Mike represents the minority group that is facing rejection from the family, which leads him to the streets. He suffered from narcolepsy, which indicates vulnerability. After watching the film, an individual can change his political sensitivities and accept gays after understanding their desperation fit in the community.

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My Own Private Idaho. Directed by Gus Van Sant, performances by River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, William Richert, and Udo Kier, New Line Cinema,1991.

Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

The racism and hatred in the film under discussion arouse a desire for everyone to do the right thing that could improve the situation. The film has the ability to change individuals political sensibilities regarding racism in the interracial society.

The topic sentences that articulate the major ideas include the numerous race based conflicts where one race fights against the other. People hold grudges against one another and create hatred scenes in the film. Skin color is the main contributor to the state of hatred in the movie. The film has a lot of prejudice that is based on race: the black hate Indians and vice versa.

There are various scenes that support the claim that the film has impact on the viewers political sensibilities. The first one is the scene where Pino openly showed Mookie that he hates him. The hatred between the two arises due to racial difference. The second scene that supports thesis statement is where the black instigated violence by destroying the water piped in the community and fighting against every person opposing them. Mentioning the black as a group behind the destruction clearly indicates that the violence is racial-based. Finally, actor hurls insults to people from different races. In this scene, a black, a Latino, and an Asian man verbally abuse people of other races.

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To summarize, the film Do the Right Thing is set on multiracial community that is dominated by hatred and prejudice due to racial differences. The people are constantly fighting with other offending those not belonging to their race. The scenes of violence cause the audience to hate violence and racism. Therefore, it transforms the political sensibility of people causing them to think of doing the right thing that eliminates racial prejudice and hatred.

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Do the Right Thing. Directed by Spike Lee, performances by Danny Aiello, and Ossie Davis, Universal Pictures, 1989.

Boyz N the Hood by John Singleton

The film Boyz N the Hood has the ability to change the political sensibility of a person on racial discrimination and the neighborhood violence. The government should support such an initiative and try eliminating racial segregation and the neglect, which is the major cause of this problem.

The topic sentences that support thesis statement include racial discrimination as the main issue that leads to the numerous problems in disintegration of the neighborhood community. Neglect and discrimination result into poverty, which in turn causes community problems. Most of the people in the community cannot afford better schools after finishing high school and the government does nothing to improve the situation. Family disintegration has been on the rise due to high unemployment rates. There is a lot of racial discrimination in the job market, which causes a severe problem especially to the young people in the community.

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The first scene that shows discrimination and neglect is in the beginning of the film where the environment is presented in the white neighborhood and later, as the black neighborhood. Another scene is when one of the actors living with his father because his mother has to work in a different place. The father and the other family friends are financially challenged representing the poor part of the community. The third scene is where Ricky receives a scholarship after his death is a proof that the people within the community are subjected to a lifetime of suffering. The scene is sad because Ricky thought the scholarship was his ticket to better life away of his violent neighbor but died before he received it.

Overall, the film BoyzN the Hood by John Singleton has the power to change a persons political sensibilities because it leads to a total condemnation of discrimination. Government authorities discrimination and neglect of the community leads to poverty, which adversely affect the lives of the people in the community. The government failure to take its place in the community has led to distortion of a family and other social relationships for it should ensure equal distribution and access to resources. Thus, everyone in the community should receive education and other essential amenities that would improve their personal lives and community at scale.


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