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Democracy in America


The primary objective of any government is to provide relevant laws and practices that will improve standards of living. No doubts such issues of morality and ethics, freedom of speech and religion also have to be primary factors, which are taken into account by any government. It is often believed democracy is one of the most effective and loyal systems of government. Democracy can be described as a system of government where people are involved in making decisions about its affairs. Democracy is a system of government that consists for four key elements: a political system for selecting and replacing government via elections, the active participation of each citizen, protection of the human rights and a rule of law. This paper is aimed to discuss current situation with democracy in the United States. The United States are praised to be democratic country, however there are concerns about oligarchy and a demising democracy.

The creation of the United States in 1776 was the first attempt to implement an idea of democracy in the history of mankind. The concept was reflected in the United States Declaration of Independence and later in 1789 it was adopted by the United States Constitution. Since then American citizens and USA government have been following the United States Declaration of Independence as a primary document for democracy. However, as it was already mentioned, for the last century there were some cases that violated and broke democracy rules in the United States.


American Democracy

First and foremost, American democracy can be defined as a social system of government, the principle of democracy, the structure of states and federal authorities, political parties and associations. This democracy includes universal suffrage, freedom of speech and press, the laws, customs and traditions, and, the last but not the least, the advantages and disadvantages a democratic form of government. To emphasize on fundamental feature of the social structure of Americans, “it is a purely democratic principle”. Nowadays the United States is recognized the most democratic country in the world. Since colonies founding all citizens were equal and during revolution and war American people showed clear democratic instincts and a taste for independence. It resulted in all the customs and laws, which began to develop harmoniously in the same direction towards universal equality and freedom.

Democracy Advantages

One of the significant democracy advantages as it enables all people, regardless their social and property status equal opportunities for their upbringing, education, development and self-realization. Thus, according to Tocqueville, one can find a huge mass of people from different parts of the world but all of them have understanding about religion, history, science, economics, law and state structure. It is important to mention that democracy implies such possibilities as enrichment and acquisition of wealth available to only talented and hard-working people. Thus, one of the democracy advantages in the United States can be related to a well-known “American dream”: one can achieve his dreams through constant hard-work.

To emphasize on another important advantage of democracy in the United States, it is the fact that the general equality extends to the political life of the country, providing each citizen unlimited access to the political board and sovereignty for everybody. Without any exaggerations, it is the major advantage of democracy as it allows each citizen to vote and literally run the country.

Using principles of democracy in the United States, it has developed its own, special and complex form of government. American states take an important part in political power and judiciary. Unlike other counties, in the USA, the judge has huge power as Americans have recognized the right for their judges to justify their decisions on the basis of the Constitution and laws. In other words, only those laws that do not contradict the Constitution may be used. The very constitution of America, by virtue of the democratic structure of the country, has a very unusual properties, it is an independent creation, reflecting the will of all the people; it is obligatory for lawmakers as well as for ordinary citizens. However, it can be changed by the will of all the people in accordance with established rules and pre-defined cases. Thus, we see that although the US Constitution and may be modified, but as long as it exists, it is the source of all power, the fundamental law of the state, which can not be changed by any other law. This is reflected on the situation and the rights of the judiciary. The judge is subject to the constitution, but within it has absolute power: that is, may refuse to apply the law if it does not correspond to the Constitution. This right is only for American judges, and it gives them enormous political power. Thus, this factor can has also negative aftermath.

Democracy Disadvantages

Democracy as a social system of government is full of disadvantages and American democracy is no exception. First and foremost, democracy as a social system of government is not able to create a mechanism when all power belongs to people. To put it into a nutshell, it is feasible. People are being composed of different social groups with their own specific interests and vies. It is impossible and impractical to interrogate millions of people for each and every issue to find out the opinion of the majority. Thus, people are not able to combine such functions as executive and management at the same time. It means that such problem results in violation of the principles of specialization and degrading the quality of management.

Secondly, the democracy as a system of government implies following the opinion of the majority. Thus, democracy is not able to express and maintain custom solutions. A brilliant idea appears in one head and to support it, the majority should at least understand it and to accept it. Thus there are thousands of misunderstood geniuses that remain in splendid isolation. The majority supports banal, instinctive decisions, which are usually gleaned from the previous background.


In conclusion, after studying and analyzing the democratic system in the United States that is based on majority rule, the most important advantage of this social system of government is freedom. Any citizen in able to impact laws and government arrange. In addition, one of the main advantages of democracy in the USA is that any person is able to reach success and so-called American dream. No matter where one was born, it only matters what he is aimed to. As for the drawbacks of democracy in the United States, the greatest disadvantage and danger is a tyranny of the majority. Moreover, currently there are more than 350 million citizens of the United States and it is physically impossible to ask each and every citizen about laws, governmental issues and other political implementations. Thus, nowadays the democracy of the United States has both advantages and disadvantages. To summarize, the greatest advantages of this social system of government are morality and ethics, freedom of speech and religion, an ability to elect and to alter laws. As for the disadvantages of the democracy in the United States, following this political and social system of government, people are not able to listen for geniuses or unusual points of view. In addition, democracy does not provide a possibility for each and every citizen to vote or change some laws in particular.


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