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Last Thursday, September 3, 2015, the FOX News posted a breaking report made by Serafin Gomez, Jessica O'Hara and Patrick Manning and The Associated Press concerning Donald Trumps latest decision about the upcoming presidential elections.

American tycoon Donald Trump signed a commitment not to run as an independent candidate for president of the United States in 2016, if he would not be forwarded by the Republican Party, said the FOX News Politics (Gomez, et. al., 2015).

On Thursday the candidate officially announced the signing of the relevant document, the GOP pledge. Holding the paper up in his hand, the politician proclaimed I have signed the pledge (Gomez, et. al., 2015). At the press conference in New York Donald Trump declared that he would remain faithful to the Republican Party and political principles, which he had always been protecting, no matter what.

"I just wanted fairness from the Republican Party," Trump said. After holding up the pledge, he said, "I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party, and the conservative principles for which it stands" (Gomez, et. al., 2015).

Thus, Trump became a serious obstacle on the way to the White House for another race favorite Republican - Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Bush explained that he did not want to be treated differently. Republican elites are concerned about the possible nomination of Trump. Trump asserted that neither lobbyists, nor anyone else controlled him.

However, considering Donald Trumps quite extraordinary personality, his financial sustainability, originality of his election strategy, and high level of popularity among masses, the Republican establishment is unlikely to be completely sure in the predictability of its course during the election campaign.

Donald Trump is an American businessman, writer, famous personality of television and radio. He is also the president of Trump Organization, which is a large construction company in the United States, and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, that operates numerous casinos and hotels worldwide. Trump became a celebrity due to the extravagant lifestyle and frank communication style, as well as his successful reality show "Candidate", which he was working on as an executive producer, and as a presenter.

In September 2010, Donald Trump said that he was seriously thinking of the opportunity to run for the US presidency in 2012. In the elections of 2008, he supported the Republican candidate John McCain, who eventually lost, while Democrat Barack Obama won. June 16th, 2015 Donald Trump announced to join the fight for the US presidency in 2016.

To date, the race in the United States joined more than two dozen politicians, and Trump is among them. According to the source, the Republican front-runners decision contributes to the simplicity of elections for the Republican Party.

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The party began circulating the pledge to virtually all the Republican campaigns earlier this week. But Trump was the obvious concern. He had been the only one who did not raise his hand when the 10 top-polling candidates were asked at last month's Fox News debate whether they'd commit not to mount an independent White House bid (Gomez, et. al., 2015).

Thus Trump has pledged to support the candidate nominated by the Republican Party. He says that he guarantees his loyalty to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which he and the whole party stands. He also claims that he will finance his election campaign all by himself and with his own expense, and recalls that his income is $9 billion. Trump also commented on the situation in Ukraine. So, the question of Ukraine's membership in NATO does not disturb him, he said, hinting that if he is elected as a president of the United States, the country would not cease to be a leader in Ukraine's political support in the international arena. In particular, Trump did not understand why the United States should take a leadership role in the protection of Ukraine.

This Thursday on the 4th of September, the RNC declared that all of the 17 GOP candidates did sign the pledge, which was necessary. South Carolina and Virginia GOP parties are trying to make a similar pledge effort. After many weeks of pressure on Donald Trump exerted by the Republicans, on September 4th, he finally signed the pledge not to participate in the elections of 2016 as an independent candidate, if the candidate of the Republicans will eventually become someone else. Otherwise, he would have to withdraw the votes of conservative voters.

Currently, according to the results of the poll Trump is a bright leader among the presidential candidates in the Republican Party. The poll was conducted by Reuters and the Ipsos company. The results were published on September 1, 2015 and show that Trump has the support of 31% of conservative voters, while Jeb Bush, only 12%.


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