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Personal Opinion about Government


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Personal Opinion about Government

The main objective of this essay is to discuss the performance of government, its role for society, and my personal thoughts about it. Actions of the government are quite significant for each nation. In my opinion, the government plays an essential role within the life of any counrty, although its influence can sometimes be unnoticed. The main trouble is that the governments performance does not always turn to be positive. If to be honest, the country seems to move in the wrong direction, and everything is getting only worse with the fluency of time. In this essay, we will consider this issue in detail.

I often heard a lot of governmental representatives saying about some national ideals, such as liberty, democracy, individualism, equality and others. We are positioned as the whole unity where everyone has equal rights. I often heard from politicians that our power lies in our unity. All of us used to hear from the governmental representatives that every member of society is equal despite ones gender, race, religion, culture, and so on. It is often claimed by the representatives of both Democrats and GOP that equality of rights, opportunities, and outcomes will take place within the society since we all are equal. Very often we find out about different social measures initiated by the government (for example, the affirmative action). Of course, this sounds very generously and promising. At the same time, it does not seem to be so indeed.

As for me, our government seems to have lost the sense of political situation. I suppose that all social reforms were initiated with good intentions, but now they seem to have brought far more problems than benefits. I feel that mistreatment and discrimination are still a common occurrence within our society. It is no secret for anyone that women still earn significantly less than men occupying the same working places. Moreover, national and sexual minorities are still being abused. Consequently, the progress in studies and thus possibility to get a good job sometimes depends upon ones race and/or nationality. The rights of numerous people are also being violated. At the same time, those social reforms brought difficulties into the social sphere. For instance, the Affirmative Action, in my opinion, lowered peoples standards. It took away peoples right to work as much as they want and earn the way they want. Therefore, some marvelously promising governmental initiatives that have been existed for quite a long period failed to solve all social problems to which they were originally destined. Thus, our government, which probably represents the most powerful country in the world, displays its insolvency in managing difficult tasks. I realize absolutely clearly that all of us are different. Therefore, what is good for some people may not be so good for others.

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Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I think that there cannot be any universal governmental strategy that would fully meet the needs and requirements of the whole nation. At the same time, the current progress of governmental actions does seem to be backed into a corner and provoke peoples mistrust. As a result, all political ideals about equality, unity, liberty and so on are likely to be only an illusion. Those who understand it are unlikely to accept these illusions and be happy, and those who accept them are unlikely to understand it.

As I have already suggested, the government seems to have lost the sense of situation within its policies. I think so because we can see another looming threat that lays in its impossibility to come to common decisions concerning policymaking. Consequently, this affects both external and internal policy of the country, which, in its turn, influences the lives of many people. For example, Republicans try to manage the debt limit in order to avoid great expenses. Democrats, in their turn, accuse Republicans in provoking political crisis that could have been avoided. They claim that it is likely to result into damaging of markets and threat to quite a weak recovery of economy. I think that in case of such situation, business will be severely damaged. Obviously, this will reflect on peoples well-being. I am afraid that without some concrete mutual decision that both Republicans and Democrats would be satisfied with a severe crisis will occur. However, such a decision still cannot be made. The same can be said about the insurance of the right for equal opportunities among people. Both of the major parties try to make these rights stable, but seem to have completely different strategies about how to do it.

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Despite all the above mentioned, it must be said that the government is necessary for society. It protects people and their rights, helps in arbitrating different conflicts, provides social guarantees (though these guarantees are not good enough), and so on. The government reigns the whole country, ensures social rights, and delivers healthcare services. Therefore, the necessity of government is obvious, but its performance should be improved.

I think that if we want to improve our country and government, we must start the improvement from ourselves. We should learn more about those who are at the steer and whom we select. As far as I can see, a lot of citizens even do not know the names of people in their local government. It might sometimes be complicated to learn about them, because TV-programs and newspapers seem to provide biased information. This, in its turn, undermines peoples trust in politics. Anyway, we should do our best to know as much as possible. If we want to change something, I guess, we should do it by ourselves.


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