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Affordable Care Act: Does It Work for or against the Good of the USA?

Today, the United States of America goes through one of the most important changes in its health care system over the last fifty years. The change is widely known under the name of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA and ObamaCare. This is a specific law first initiated and signed by President Barack Obama and passed by Congress in March 2010. The law is designed to reform the health care system of the United States of America, holding all the US insurance companies more accountable, decreasing the number of the uninsured, assuring low health care costs, guaranteeing more health care choices and increasing health care quality for any and all Americans.


To be more specific, the Affordable Care Act includes the following: a creation of a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that helps people with a pre-existing condition to get health care coverage; a creation of the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program meant to provide coverage to retirees, who are not yet eligible for Medicare; an implementation and use of a Patients Bill of Rights to protect consumers from potential abuses of the insurance companies. It also has provisions concerning taking serious measures, which allow small business concerns claim their tax credit and, as a result, make the US health care system save costs, being more efficient. According to the ACA, young people can remain on health care plans of their parents until age 26 (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2013).

As it can be seen, there are many pluses, which the ACA clearly demonstrates. This is why it is hard to imagine that the law like this one could ever turn out to be the biggest political issue in the country, bringing more problems than solutions for the nation. Current events are the proof, which speaks for itself. As soon as the ACA came into view, it caused serious debates at all levels, creating the tense atmosphere in the country. It became a stumbling point for the two major political parties to come to understanding on various important issues. One of these two issues was the next-year budget question, which created a political chaos with the result of the first government shutdown over the past 20 years, and set Americans against each other because of the confusions raised one by one by Barack Obama and his administration. Such a state of things created around the health care law significantly influences Barack Obamas position as a political leader in a negative way (Cillizza & Sullivan, 2013). It also may take Democrats away from holding the White House in 2016 if there is no proper solution regarding the health care issue made.

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Moreover, there are a great number of flaws in the law, making courts believe that the bill is not even constitutional, and this is why it has to be repealed. For example, the major court ruling, involving 26 separate states, led by Florida, reviewed an individual mandate of ObamaCare, which states that every single American must buy health insurance or pay an annual fine for not doing so, declared that it was not constitutional. The other thing is a pure promise of the President, stating that those Americans, who like their existing health care plans, do not have to purchase new ones under the ACA, and can simply keep the ones they are happy with for another year. What happens is the opposite.

Millions of people receive cancellation notices for their health care plans (Losing Health Insurance due to Obamacare, 2013). The government officials, working on the ACA implementation, say that the promise of the President has quite a different meaning. The created for the ACA is another topic for discussion, revealing that the ACA is more a disaster for the United States than it has been thought before. Too many flaws and confusions, too many broken promises and unhappy Americans clearly indicate that the Affordable Care Act so desperately implemented by the President and his party that it is not good for the nation and has to be repealed. Such a situation makes other political leaders and the American people question the President and his administrations competence in solving the issues, which are of high importance for the USA. If people cannot trust the President in solving the health care issue, how they can trust him to solve any other?

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Many experts agree that the ObamaCare implementation will definitely become a cause of a future mess in the health care system. According to the words of Christopher Conover, a health care economist and a research scholar in the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University, if the ACA is fully implemented, over 129 millions of Americans will lose their existing health care coverage by the end of 2014 (Weinstein, 2013). Other Americans will have to pay more for ObamaCare-mandated bells and whistles. The given statistics absolutely go against the ACA provisions and Presidents promise. Other experts present the facts concerning tax increase for Americans, especially for the ones representing a middle class. For example, there are more than twenty new taxes or tax hikes designed for the American people under the ACA. The Administration of Barack Obama has already given the IRS an extra $500 million to enforce the rules of the said law. This is not even statistics, or a theoretical provision. This is a plain fact, and as it can be seen, it works against interests of Americans. However, there are still those, who believe that the ACA is the right solution to go with.

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At first glance, the ACA may seem like a good resolution for an old and ineffective model of an existing health care system. It may seemingly have no flaws, offering prospects of positive changes for Americans that are coming up in the next years after the ACA full implementation, but, in fact, it is not as good as it is presented. In my opinion, the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, is not a good substitution of an existing health care system of the country. It is not even close to a universal health care model implemented in the European countries. The ACA has promising provisions, but it is all theoretical statements, and when it comes to real life, there is nothing good that ObamaCare has to offer.

I believe that any reform implemented by the government should be a clear solution to an existing issue. In case of the ACA, there are many inconsistencies, which hurt the country and make Americans worry more about their future than ever before. When people hear about ObamaCare, the majority of them are unhappy. Then, if the ACA does no good for the nation and causes such a mess at political, economic and social levels, it must be a wise solution to stop and think of the situation. Most politicians do not support the ideas of the ACA and try to make the President and his administration see that this is not the future of the US health care (Franke-Ruta, 2013). Thus, I make a conclusion based on the experts opinions that the Affordable Care Act obviously works against the good of the American nation and has to be repealed.


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