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Immigration in the 2016 Elections

Immigration in the 2016 Elections

The modern world is becoming more and more globalized every year. The immigration is an essential part of this global process. However, there is no single point of view whether the immigration is a positive or a negative feature for the U.S. Both candidates for the president, namely Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have different stances on this matter. Clinton supports immigration, while Trump is opposed to it. Trumps categorical attitude to immigration can greatly influence the elections and the American society.


Donald Trump aims to secure American southern border, because Mexican illegal migrations cause many problems for Americans. Mexicans occupy not only Americans workplaces but also trigger a wide range of major issues, such as illicit transmission of drugs or weapon tracking. According to Donald Trump, Mexico sent its worst elements, including rapists, drug-runners, and criminals (Winders, 2016). Trump has offered to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. "Mexico will pay for the wall. 100%. They don't know it yet, but they're going to pay" (Bradner, 2016) Mexico, which does need this wall, is not likely to pay for it, and, therefore, Trumps expectations are doubtful. Again, banning entrance for Mexicans is one of Trumps major aims.

Refugees are another much-debated issue in the U.S. It is especially a sore topic for the south states. When Barack Obama decided to provide an asylum in the U.S. for 10 000 Syrian refugees, all republicans protested against it (Nagel, 2016). Now, in case of winning, Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of refugees up to 65 000 people (Blake, 2016). Her rival, Donald Trump, criticized such positive attitude towards multiculturalism in the United States. According to Trump, immigrants are allowed to have little access to the U.S. He thinks that refugees inhibit the development of the economy.

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The similar topic is Muslim migrants. Developed countries worldwide give shelters to refugees, especially Muslim refugees who are seeking protection. The U.S. is the country that plays an active role in this process. During the debates, Donald Trump faced a question about the measures he was going to take to defend Muslims rights in the U.S. He answered that Muslims were dangerous and that he was going to limit their access to the country (Blake, 2016). Generally speaking, Trump offers to permit foreigners immigration by checking their nationality.

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Many foreigners come to the USA in pursuit of better living and working conditions. They settle here, find a job, give birth to children, and eventually assimilate into the American society. However, Trump does not support such status quo because of several reasons. First, immigrants take jobs designated for Americans. On average, foreigners come from poorer countries where labor force is cheap. They are ready to work the same hours and do the same duties as Americans for substantially lower salaries. Second, foreigners are undocumented, and they do not pay taxes, meaning they do not contribute to the development of society. Trump has already prepared the Deportation Plan, which he is going to implement in case his wins the elections 2016 (Bradner, 2016). However, the problem is that those people have children born in America. Third, it is harder to control citizens if they are undocumented.

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Trumps attitude to immigration is unacceptable for the world community. The following question arises: Will it affect voters decisions? Yes, it will influence some part of the society, especially people from other cultural backgrounds or those who are familiar with a difficult life of migrants. However, it will not affect the ultimate decision of Americans, indigenous people who have nothing in common with immigration. Probably, it will even increase their support since problems of the Southern Border, refugees, Muslims, and other foreign workers has been the sore topic for all Americans, especially for uneducated citizens.

In summary, there are four main problems in the U.S. which are related to immigration, including the Southern Border, refugees, Muslims, and foreign workers. Donald Trump offers radical means of solving problems, which are not acceptable for the world community; however, the ideas might be supported by Americans. Therefore, there is high likelihood that such extreme immigration policies will only increase a number of Trumps proponents.


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