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Critical review of Boys Don't Cry, Kimberly Peirce

Thesis: Ignorance is a primary concern and a trigger to violence and mistreatment. The movie Boys Don't Cry by Kimberly Peirce seeks to explain that lack of understanding can easily lead to harming people one interacts with since it gives a wrong picture about the situation, and therefore, a person fails to recognize the moment when they need to stop.


Topic sentences:

I. Peirce shows discrimination and unfair treatment of those who seem different from the rest of people.

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II. The film talks about hope and courage to be true to oneself.

III. Some people think that crime can be justified by the desire to protect another person.

Scene 1: Brandon Teena is abused after his former girlfriends brother discovers that he has a gender conflict. This shows intolerance of the society towards transgender people.

Scene 2: In the middle of the film, Brandon and Lana plan to go to Memphis where they can get married and escape the hostile environment.

Scene 3: Tom and John rape and then kill Brandon after failing to understand him. They see Teena as a threat and believe that they are trying to protect others from him. It is a vivid example of ignorance leading to violent crime.

Introductory paragraph: The movie Boys Don't Cry is made in a way that it draws a perfect picture of what the society can become if people embrace ignorance and let it control their actions. Discrimination and violence against transgender people serves as a proof of the individuals fear of something they do not understand. It is noteworthy that this story was based on a real-life example of a transgender person named Brandon Teena, who went through a desperate struggle to be who he wanted to be and find true love. Kimberly Peirce raises attention not only to a violent side of this story, but to the relationship between two people looking beyond stereotypes.

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Critical review of Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray

Thesis: Brutality cannot be an option in handling political differences as well as differences in social ideologies. In the movie Straight Outta Compton, director F. Gary Gray depicts how force can be used on the streets in order to make people of different opinions feel intimidated and how it can encourage others to revolt.

Topic sentences:

I. Stereotyping is a major cause of unceasing violence and discrimination.

II. Police harassment leads to more enmity and hatred between the people of different racial backgrounds.

III. The film shows that too often violence is the first response to any dissatisfaction or disagreement.

Scene 1: The police mishandle the members of Niggers With Attitude (NWA), with Ice Cube among them, based on the stereotype that black people are vulgar and violent. The police argue that rap is not an art form. However, is brutality a solution? The use of force by the police at the concert only triggers the animosity between black and white people.

Scene 2: Dr. Dres representative tries to use brutality and pressure to force Eazy E and Jerry to agree to his terms. It is an attempt to intimidate a person and make them refuse from demanding what is rightfully theirs.

Scene 3: The police are racially discriminatory against black people and harass Ice Cube by searching him after he has recorded a song. This is something that is experienced severely by the black community.

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Introductory paragraph: The biographical movie Straight Outta Compton directed by F. Gary Gray raises the problem of the use of brutality and physical power by both civilians and the police to intimidate and harass others. As a result, the primary expected outcome of violence is more resistance and aggression, as shown in the most scenes in the movie. Moreover, confrontations in the society where members of the gang turn against each other in disagreement make the police intervene, triggering even more violence and discrimination. One cannot argue that the film is quite controversial and provocative.

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Critical review of Do the right thing, Spike Lee

Thesis: Discrimination reasons may, however, it always brings abuse, humiliation, and unjust treatment of people in the society. It involves favoritism of particular people and neglect of the others due to their race, origin, or gender. In Do the right thing directed by Spike Lee, discrimination based on racial diversity is, evidently, one of the main sources of violence and causes of the ongoing war in the community.

Topic sentences:

I. Revenge can be overwhelming and sweet, yet it never gives harmony and inner peace.

II. Superiority complex generates discriminatory thinking and leads to destructive behavior.

III. Racial stereotyping widens the gap between people of different origins by disrupting their relations, thus making them use violent means of problem solving.

Scene 1: Mookie and Pino are seen arguing about whose race is better. It is evident that Pinno dislikes African American people, as well as other races though. This argument ends in tension increasing between the two of them.

Scene 2: Radio Raheem, Buggin Out, and Smiley do not like the fact that Sal is passionate about putting portraits of Italian people on his wall of fame. When Sal calls Raheem a nigger, which is a derogatory term referring to black people, it makes them fight to a point when the police has to be involved.

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Scene 3: As the movie gets closer to the end, Sal and his sons are blamed for Raheems death. People destroy Sals pizzeria in revenge for the death of the man. They do not know what made Raheem die, however, due to the existing stereotypes, they automatically blame Sals family.

Introductory paragraph: Do the right thing is an excellent example of a society that is full of wrath and hostility created by some people who focus too much on racial differences. Furthermore, the police handle community problems depending on which race is involved, provoking greater public outcry. The neighborhood is full of various races, with each race trying to outdo the other.Spike Lee makes sure that the reality of worlds level of discrimination and prejeudice is vivdlypresented together with the inevitable outcomes.


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