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Physician Assisted Suicide

Should Terminally Ill Persons Have the Right to End Their Lives Through Physician Assisted Suicide? Why or Why Not?

The main purpose of the paper is to analyze the issue of the legalization of the doctor-assisted suicide that gives the terminally ill patients the opportunity to kill themselves. This topic is quite disputable as more and more people become the proponents of the idea of giving patients with severe fatal diseases the choice to end the pain with the help of fatal doses of drugs. The legalization of the physician-assisted suicide gives patients the right to choose their future destiny and to escape the hard period of dying because of the disease. However, not all people support this law and therefore the discussion and analysis is necessary to identify the real nature of this innovation and to see whether it is good or bad to give such an opportunity to the ill people.


Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor, is the supporter of the new law, and he states that the law on the assisted death has to be changed in order to allow doctors to help their patients that want to die. Assisting suicide has been illegal since 1961 under the Suicide Act, but the last year Lord Falconer has chaired the foundation of the Commission on Assisted Dying, which says that the assisted dying has to be allowed within the strict conditions. Lord Falconer states that the society has gone much further than the political system and the legislation of the country. It is not right to make people with severe diseases travel abroad in order to have the ability to die or to attempt the suicide behind the closed doors of the medical institutions. The laws have to be flexible and changed in case the society needs these changes as they aim to reflect the actual situation within the society. The implementation of the new law will safeguard the patients with fatal diseases and protect the family members giving the guarantee of the medical involvement.

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The debates over the issue have been going for a long period of time. The serious push to the discussion process has been given in 2008 with the presentation of the BBC documentary. It showed the patient Craig Everett who travelled to Switzerland to die through the procedure of the physician-assisted suicide that has been launched by the company Dignitas. After that, the American states began to adopt the new laws that gave the patients the opportunity to choose their destiny and to have the right to die with the help of the medial assistants. These laws state that the adult patients that have less than one year left to live can choose the doctor-assisted suicide procedure and to ask the medical professional for the fatal dose of drugs that will end their pain. These laws are supported by the Commission of Assisted Dying and therefore are absolutely legitimate. The fact is that a lot of people are dying because of the severe pain they constantly feel. The fatal diseases are killing people in the way they do, without any considerations to the feelings and wishes of the patients. People know that they are dying and there is no hope, but somehow they are expected to live and die in the natural way. However, in some cases this seems to be cruel and inhumane. People are supposed to have the ability to escape the pain, to make their last choice. The same refers to the close people and family members of such patients as they are also receiving the serious stress that sometimes results in the real health problems. If you have ever seen animals that have been slowly dying in the natural way, you can understand what it is about. Sometimes the slow death is not the best alternative and that is why the law has been adopted. In such cases, people are more afraid of the pain, not the death. There are a lot of people that prefer to end it quickly and to escape the long period of painful medical treatment, the loss of their physical abilities, the tears of their relatives and friends. That is why they want to have the opportunity to commit the physician-assisted suicide.

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There are a lot of people that are diagnosed with the fatal diseases that are slowly killing them. Such people know that there is no hope for them and the situation will just get worse and worse. In this case, the issue of permitting the terminally ill patients to ask for the physician-assisted suicide is quite important. The issue has got the real popularity after the BBC channel has represented the documentary film about the patient with the fatal disease who had to travel to Switzerland in order to die with the help of the doctors. This is the best evidence of the fact that people with fatal diseases need the possibility to decide when they will die. They should have the ability to end their pain and the pain of their close people. In such cases, medical assistance is essential, and that is why the law has to be supported and adopted in all states of our country. The legislation has to meet the requirements of the contemporary society and give the American people the right to choose their destiny, to realize their right to stop the severe pain that is killing them. The law is really useful and therefore it has to be supported by the government authorities.


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