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Texas House Representative

The Texas House of Representatives

In Texas, the House of Representatives has one hundred and fifty members representing single-member constituencies. One of its rising members is the representative from District 97, Craig Goldman. The combination of solid electoral victories, active involvement in the Republican Party, and the demographics of his district have ensured that Craig Goldman is one of the promising Republicans in the state.


Terms of the Research

When the electorate should make an important decision and choose a person to represent their rights, they should also be eager to know more about their officers. Craig Goldman is the representative for District 97. This essay focuses on the political life of Rep. Goldman and the District he represents.

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Biographical Information

Craig Goldman was born in 1968 in the Jewish family (The Texas Tribune). Before having joined politics, he worked as a businessman in the real estate sector and ran a fine wine store with his father (The Texas Tribune). Goldman was also a board member of Tarrant County College Foundation (The Texas Tribune). He is married to Auryn B. Goldman.


Craig Goldman graduated from the University of Texas, Austin. He had been studying from 1987 to 1991 (The Texas Tribune). At the University, he specialized in political science and government. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree (The Texas Tribune). In 2001, he also gained academic recognition at Leadership Fort Worth civic school (The Texas Tribune).

Political Identification

Craig Goldman has been a lifelong Republican. In most of his adult life, he has been promoting Republican causes in various roles (Tinsley). He joined the staff of the Republican US Senator from Texas, Sen. Gram, and worked there for five years (Tinsley). He was later in the team of the Congressman Jeb Hensarling who represented Texas Fifth Congressional District (Tinsley). He also participated in the Senator McCains unsuccessful presidential run of 2008 (Tinsley). Thus, Goldman is an experienced politician because he has been involved in various political actions and committees related to the Republican office (Tinsley). Such an eventful political history increased his credentials among the Republicans in Texas.

Goldmans initial foray into the election was not successful. Goldman ran firstly for the office in 2007 in a special election, but he came the fourth (Tinsley). This made him not eligible for the second round. However, Goldman won Garry Allen Grassier in 2012 and was reelected in 2014 (Tinsley). Since then, he has served on various House committees. The first one was Land and Resource Management. Representative Goldman was a member of another committee Special Purpose Districts. He also joined the Committee to Study Coastal Barrier System (Texas House of Representatives). Owing to his keen interests in the right to keep and bear arms, he has also served as a member of the Recruitment of Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturers (Texas House of Representatives). He is currently the vice chair of the Elections Committee and the member of Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee (Texas House of Representatives). Thus, it is apparent that Rep. Goldman has been very active in committee service.

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Representative Goldman authored and sponsored several bills with varying levels of success. In 2015, he co-sponsored a bill to authorize religious organizations, including their officials, such as the clergy, to refuse to legalize marriage if it questions their religious beliefs (Texas House of Representatives). He also co-sponsored a bill that should have increased restrictions on minors that had an abortion (Bill number HB 3994) (Texas House of Representatives). Besides, he contributed to a bill which allowed the Texas rangers to investigate the corruption among public authorities (HB 1690) (Texas House of Representatives). Moreover, another bill (HB 910) authorized Texans to carry their arms in public. Undoubtedly, his bills are based on the conservative ideals.

District Profile and Demographics

District 97 is one of the archetypical districts in Texas. It has two major cities within its boundaries: Fort Worth and Benbrook. It covers the part of Tarrant County (Texas House of Representatives). The District has a population of 171,181 people who live in 70,827 households (Statistical Atlas). Whites form 61.7% of the population. Hispanics make 19.3% of the population and African Americans reach almost 14% (Statistical Atlas). The percentage of people of Asian origin is slightly more than 3% while mixed race and other people belong to the rest of the population (Statistical Atlas). Thus, it means that even though whites prevail, other minorities are also represented.

The district is mainly a middle class one. The median income is slightly more than fifty-four thousand dollars a year (Statistical Atlas). The per capita income estimates are more than thirty-three thousand dollars which are more than the state average which equals twenty-six thousand dollars (Statistical Atlas). However, sixteen percent of the population still lives in the poverty (Statistical Atlas).

Although the Republicans have been controlling the District for more than six years, it is not a one-party district as Democrat Dan Barrett won a special election to replace Anna Mowery. However, the seat has remained firmly by Goldman for two electoral terms. Now, he wants to run for a third term.

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Electoral wins, Republican credentials, and demographics in District 97 make Craig Goldman in the prominent politician of the Texas House of Representatives. He served on the staff of various Republican leaders after college. Goldman tends to support conservative legislation promoting anti-abortion and open carry laws. He also won the elections against his Democrat opponents. However, the Democrats remain competitive in District 97, thus it cannot be regarded as a one-party district.


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