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Texas immigration policy

Nowadays the state of immigration policy in Texas is considerably messy. Texas is among states most affected by the consequence of illegal migration. That is why Texass decision on how to deal with it is crucial for partisan work both within the state itself and on the government level. To be brief, the following is the general migrant and border policy in Texas. It includes: customary check for everyone coming in and out, enhanced border patrol and fence maintenance. It also encompasses state control over migrant minorities, labor quotas for migrants (especially Hispanics) and all kinds of law enforcement procedures to track down and deport illegal migrants, which pose potential threat to local population.


For long time immigration has been a crucial issue for southern states, being one of the main concerns of their authorities. During the last political races immigration issue was of first importance, just as in 2007 when Congress was trying to restore the broken immigration system. Last time such aspirations were defeated by the efforts of grassroots Republicans, who were able to prove that any granted legal status for illegal migrants will equal their full amnesty and will only promote further illicit migration. Unfortunately, for the past six years things have not changed to better: approximately 11 million people are still living in shadows, of which nearly 1,5 million in Texas alone.

On the one hand, the current system is still working. However, it cannot solve the already existing issues (especially those concerning migrants that are in the US territory already). On the other hand, new presidential administration announced changes in border and migration policy (no to mention the famous Trump Wall and its potential outcomes), however, pending their implication, nothing significantly can potentially be done.

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Why are changes needed? Firstly, after last elections, according to New Republic magazine, America will have to review its relations with its neighbors in a brand new way, and it is certain that such change encompasses border issues. Secondly, the existing policy is weak and obsolete. Latest changes that Aprils bipartisan bill were proposed to the Senate by the so-called Gang of Eight (a group of four Republicans and four Democrats) and didnt achieve the support of Texass lawmakers and senators, so the system is still nearly untouched since 2006.

The third issue of Texas immigration policy is citizenship difficulties. Certainly, the problem is not about those who settled lawfully in a new territory but about individuals that came to such a new territory illegally. In this situation, two aspects arise: first is how to prevent this, and second is what to do with those, who are already here. For a long time government was trying to elaborate an amount of principles to facilitate for these people the process of achieving citizenship. The discussion during 2015-2016 is the newest example.

Fourth of all, the migrants impact created sufficient public-policy challenges for Texas authorities, especially in the sphere of education, which needs a resolution. Currently, according to Scott, more than a half of all, attending primary schools, do not speak English at home. And as fifth we may admit the fact that the situation with illegal migrant on Texass can be sometimes dangerous we may find in Schulbergs review that during only 2012 alone 129 bodies of migrants were found along the border in Brooks County.

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The current state of border control should be changed or at least revised. Due to factors such as the increasing inflows of new migrants from the south and new federal border policy announced during the elections by the current president the todays regime cannot be efficient any longer. There are different possible options for Texans to choose from: either to engage in the federal program as whole and follow Washingtons guideline entirely, or, based on the federal program, create their own unique approach.

The circumstances in Texas are to some extent unique, and the best possible course of action is the one when local authorities must have enough authority and credentials to implement the needed decisions on some crucial issues (migrants quota, border-check issues, fence maintenance, etc.). The best option for them will be the development of their strategy, based on Texass great experience in that sphere. However, they also must consider recourse to Washingtons federal policy. After 2016 elections new changes will arise all across the border with new authorities to be appointed and new political believes to be acquired. So, there is still something to wait for and to be aware of during next few years.

Considering the social challenges of migrants issue in Texas, the recipe is quite the same as for the first one only the balanced policy based on local situation and environment. However, there is still one option, acceptable particularly for Texas. As for its situation, the issue of citizenship (which is the core issue of all social concerns) in the state is in a good position given their local legislation. So it is optional for Texans just to wait, keeping their internal laws and acts in use until the federal government will present something extraordinary new. In the case of divergence with their desires, they will still be able to oppose any changes as long as possible. Just like that, the authorities of Texas will be able to create the best conditions and ensure the integrity if their southern borders.

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To sum up, the issue of migrants is urgent for the state of Texas. There are several different ways of solution, both presenting many controversial statements. And the purpose of government both state and federal is to create society flexible and wealthy enough to withstand the problems of the illegal migration, avert all the unfavorable outcomes and calm down racist and intolerant moods among the people. Just then the problem will turn into a successful effort.

The required policy is one which could take into account the following. Even if not the current migrants themselves, but heir children are to learn English, in contrary to many of their parents and they are to be engaged in American social system. They will be able to go on developing themselves, creating something new and living the life their parents couldnt even imagine. The educational level of migrant communities in Texas is permanently improving from year to year, although it wasnt so positive just a few years ago as it is now. It is safe to say that nowadays Hispanic minority repeats the storyline of each American migrant group, such as Italians, Irish and Jews in the nineteenth century (and in the case of Texas German and Czech). Similar to mentioned national groups, current minorities are to become an integral part of American society and to contribute a lot to its development and progress.


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