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UAE and France

UAE and France

UAE strengthen their boundaries with France via aviation sector through the creation of strong partnership and alliance involving airlines of the two nations. For example, Etihad Airways has been able to sign long-term contracts with KLM, a French airline company. Such approaches are critical in promoting the relations between France and the UAE. In 2012, the deal signed between Etihad Airways and KLM group became a significant aspect in strengthening the boundaries between the nations in the aviation industry (Arif, Gupta, & Williams, 2013). This aspect is critical in establishing the core foundation to enhance global world programs. As a result, the aviation sector is critical in promoting long-term collaboration and supporting economic investments.


UAE also observes that the expansion of aviation sector will be able to create opportunities. The expansion of aviation sector in the UAE will help to improve opportunities for individuals in the UAE sector. For years, the UAE has focused on promoting its technological aspects and long-term connections. For example, Airbus has received much support from the UAE government to provide solutions for aviation relations between the two nations. It is because the French aviation investors might have additional expertise to help the UAE aviation industry.

Aviation sector provides numerous opportunities for the UAE to expand its connection with France. The aviation services include maintenance, research, and development, repair and overhaul firms among others. Also, logistics firms could bring together the different stakeholders including agents, contract logistics, and operators among others. Thus, the aviation sector has a possibility to work with French firms in these areas. The UAE government expects that the French investors would be willing to invest in the aviation industry in UAE.

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France and the UAE have engaged in joint projects and projects including educational, scientific, cultural, and technical collaboration. For example, there are French universities in Abu Dhabi that help in teaching French speaking students. It shows the connection between the two nations in terms of education, which is critical. It means that French airline companies will be able to get French-speaking personnel from the UAE which is critical for the long-term cooperation between the two nations (Arif, et al., 2013). Through the aviation industry, it is possible for the UAE to create strong relations with France. It is because the aviation industry makes it possible to transport passengers across the two borders. During the air travels, the citizens of the two nations will be able to meet and connect well to promote long term relations.

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Most importantly, the UAE has signed bilateral agreements with the EU in terms of air services. Such aspects are critical in promoting the conformity of the EU and UAE law in terms of signing air service agreements. The creation of a sound legal framework for air services would address the EU and UAE in promoting the continuity of the air services (Arif et al., 2013). The UAE was able to sign an agreement about the air transport with France which is appropriate in promoting aviation sector development. The expansion of the infrastructure in air transport is critical in influencing other sectors such as tourism between the two nations.

In summary, it is clear that the UAE and France have worked significantly in forming partnerships and alliances that make the boundaries of the countries closer. For example, Etihad Airways cooperated with KLM France in promoting the expansion of air transport relations. Aviation sector provides numerous opportunities for the UAE to expand its connection with France. The aviation services include maintenance, research, and development, repair and overhaul firms. Other collaborations including educational and innovative programs will be useful in bringing both countries together.


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