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UAE Vs. USA what policy should be adapted towards Asad in Syria?

UAE Policy towards Syria

The UAE is overwhelmingly concerned about the failure of the international community to end viciousness, destruction of property and crimes that have led to sufferings of many people in Syria. It believes in a political solution to ending the crisis. The paper will outline some of the policies the UAE should adopt towards Syria.


The fall of the Assad regime and giving the Sunni people a chance to form a government can effectively end violence. The UAE believes that the sense of desperation due to relentless crimes committed by the Assad regime has led to the rise of Islamism among the Sunni community in Syria. It should be on the forefront in destroying Syrian air defenses, because this will weaken Assad. Since the latter has been relying on heavy airpower, grounding the Syrian air force will give birth to the liberated territory. According to Aljazeera news, the head of the military has said that the UAE is ready to provide thousands of ground troops who will work with rebels to ensure the downfall of Assad control (UAE Says It is Ready to Send Group Troops, 2016).

The UAE should supply weapons and funds to such rebel groups to help weaken the Assad regime and should foster cooperation with them to ensure smooth transition. The UAE believes it is a bolder move than what the U.S. has been doing in Syria. It will increase countrys influence among rebel forces and ensure that it will give weapons on conditions that they will work together and respect post-Assad agreements. Supporting rebels through training and food forms a central base of command to ensure efficient flow of operations with rebel forces.

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The UAE should continue eliminating the space for Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups who are a threat to the region. It has been engaging in proxy wars and should further hinder the growth and widespread of terrorism. For instance, ISIS declared a new caliphate in contrast to the UAE vision of governance (United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, n.d.). If this were not stopped, there would be individuals joining terrorist groups becoming the greatest threat to the countrys regime. The UAE is willing to continue cooperating with the United States as it has done in the past. For instance, their strategies and values have made them be on the forefront as compared to other Arab states in assisting the U.S.-led strikes against ISIS. They even put Emirati jets in a range of Syrian surface-to-air missiles (The UAE National Media Council, n.d.).

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The UAE is committed to providing humanitarian aid to refugees and the displaced. The action should not end because many people are still affected by the conflict In Syria. The UAE pledges its assistance to the Syrians and the neighboring countries taking refugees. Moreover, more than 100,000 Syrians have been welcomed and given residency status in the UAE (The UAE National Media Council, n.d.). This action is still ongoing until the crisis ceases. The country also insists on the significance of international humanitarian assistance to the Syrians.

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The UAE advocates for consensus in the settlement of the Syrian crisis, proper preparation of groundwork aimed at the economic and political switch to a new regime in the event of Assads downfall in the near future. It is clear that there has not been proper coordination of allies fighting in Syria. The UAE should advocate for a higher level of cooperation with those who share their views regarding crimes and conflicts. Coordination may play the vital role in post-Assad Syria.

In conclusion, UAE policies support and foster peace in the region. It does not seek the approval of the West in the destruction of what it views as the greatest threat to people and its regime in the region, but should continue cooperation with the USA and other countries.


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