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Week 4 Replies HS

Week 4 Replies HS

First Article D4.1


In the first article, Veronica Thomas presents a critical problem regarding the potholes and faulty power lines that pose a significant risk to the community. It is an obligation of the local municipality to ensure that such risks are managed before they turn into a serious disaster for the community. The local agency should view the situation and develop important prevention by conducting the repairs rather than waiting for a catastrophe. There should also be emergency protocols to respond to issues, such as the faulty power lines, which can have detrimental impacts on the community as well as may cause accidents. It is also the responsibility of the community to report these issues to the local authority in order to ensure they are informed about the potential threats regarding the fault and the potholes on the sidewalks. It is affecting not only children, but also the handicapped, who move using the wheelchair. It can be difficult for them to maneuver on the sidewalks filled with potholes.

According to Davis (2012), the roads with a poor drainage system are prone to potholes, which can lead to motor accidents and even loss of life. Considering that the area also has broken power lines, the tragedy can be more adverse when the power lines come in contact with the water. There is the need to introduce a risk and disaster management and preparedness team in this area to address such issues. This strategy will ensure that people in the community are informed regarding the protocol they can follow in reporting such incidences to the authority.

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Furthermore, it is an obligation for the local government to ensure that they establish significant strategic plans that will enhance the safety of the community and the public resources. The problem of potholes and power line can be directed to the central government in case it involves a significant financial burden, since the government usually allocates the significant amount of money to take care of disaster prevention and preparedness.

Second Article: D4.1

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The second article by Thomas Patton examines a critical element of infrastructure which is water. It can be argued that water plays an integral role in the community, because people depend on it for survival and irrigation. Therefore, contamination at any point has the potential to jeopardize the well-being of the entire community. It can be evident in the article that the government does not prioritize the safety of the water source for the community, which poses a significant risk to the lives of people. For instance, there is the risk of terrorist attacking the entire community by contaminating the water with a hazardous chemical, which can affect the community. Additionally, there is the risk of water contamination due to the usage of old conduit pipes and water storage facilities that have not been maintained for decades.

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The lack of adequate hygiene surrounding the water source can also lead to an epidemic, such as the spread of waterborne diseases. It can be argued that the community in this area deserves better services because they pay taxes to the government and expect better services. Infrastructural development and maintenance are usually the governments sole responsibility. Therefore, there is the need for the community to report such issues to the government and seek protection, because water has the direct relationship with their lives.

Even though Lincolnton is located in the rural part, it does not mean that the government should not protect its community. The government should ensure equity in the distribution of resources to all the citizens and avoid marginalization of a particular community, because they also play their role in determining the GDP of the country and they deserve to be treated with dignity.


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