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How the War on Drugs Hurt Families?

Before 1971, the UK did not have any strict drugs policy. The situation changed when the USA declared that it begins to control incidental drug activities and consider them as those that criminalize drugs use. Details >>

The Dyson company

The contemporary global market has undergone a tremendous transformation in technological consumption. The Dyson Company Limited is also responding to these changes by ensuring that they introduce new household products to satisfy the consumer demands. The company has dominated the vacuum cleaner market through the production of quality and reliable technology that meets the expectations of the customers. Details >>

Airline Industry in Germany and China

As many other industries in the world, the airline industry experienced a great deal of changes following the beginning of the 2007 financial crisis. The airline industry has been shaky in the recent years due to the rising costs of operating and the constant challenges from all the competitive companies that are on the market. Details >>

McDonalds and Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the 1990s, the United States lifestyle went global and it has been McDonalds as one of the most successful brands that expanded Americanism worldwide. This company is a global fast food chain that serves more than 68 million customers a day in 119 countries throughout 36,000 restaurants. Details >>

Juvenile Program

Currently, thousands of children and teenagers are abused in the United States every day. Often, these children are ill-treated and physically abused by parents, relatives or different communities. Different abuses and bad behaviors can destroy a childs mental health. Such abuses may lead a child to commit criminal activities. Details >>

Women Inmate's Abused While Incarcerated

Sexual abuse by male correctional staff towards women inmates in Philadelphia is ordinary and has led to many women becoming pregnant, contracting a deadly illness in addition to suffering mental and physical torture. According to a report by a non-governmental organization, dozens of sexual abuse were reported involving male staff between 2005 and 2011. Details >>