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Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is the 2005 drama film produced and directed by Ang Lee. This is the story of a complex relationship between major heroes, Ennis Dell Mar and Jack Twist who had to hide their relations because of the criticism of society of those times. A story of two men being secretly in love is not an average, traditional representation of romance because it depicts the hardships that both representatives of LGBT community have to overcome on the way to happiness. Details >>

Medical And Social Aspects of Cocaine

Since the times immemorial, people have always wanted to enter new states of mind and to experience new feelings. Frequently, it was possible only with different stimulants and hallucinogens. While some of them could be found in fruits, vegetables and roots, usage of these chemicals in little doses has not been dangerous. Details >>

Sony Corporation

A range of large international and local corporations today tend to demonstrate high level of social responsibility. One of the latest global level developments in this direction is voluntary agreement to adhere to the 10 principles of Global Compact established by the United Nations. Details >>

Investment in Kenya

Foreign direct investment means a foreign company investing in a company based in another country. Kenya has a growing population, which is encouraging for anyone who wants to invest this country, but despite the growing population, Kenya has a few challenges to the business. Details >>

Nike and Adidas Companies Analysis

There is no doubt that all companies are targeting to develop loyal relationships with their customers. Clients loyalty is a key factor that determines companys success. As for me as a client, I am a loyal customer of the Nike brand. Details >>

Sitcoms Shaping the Image of Race and Class

Nowadays, the world has reached the point where media has become one of the central and most influential sources of spreading information. It is true that people, both children, and adults, spend more time with media rather than in any other activity. Details >>