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Human Nature and Nation-States

Human nature has a direct relationship with the nation-states manifesting in the form of the elements of political realism that are dictated by human nature The extent to which there could be the establishment of the engagement and the continued association among the various groups and cultures within the confines of the nation-states is determined by the personalities established. Details >>

History of the Internet in Cuba

For much of its recent history, Cuba had been a restricted country, maintaining relatively close ties only with other socialist states and frowning upon excessively overt relations with capitalist and fully democratic states. In these circumstances, the countrys leadership naturally resisted the inexorable onslaught of the trappings of capitalist states. Details >>

Flu Season. Avoiding a Flu Epidemic

The problem of influenza is widely discussed by medical scholars and healthcare professionals nowadays. The main reason of this fact is that flu virus undergoes numerous modifications, and it becomes more complicated to prevent and treat it. Each new strain requires a thorough research. Details >>

Texas immigration policy

Nowadays the state of immigration policy in Texas is considerably messy. Texas is among states most affected by the consequence of illegal migration. That is why Texass decision on how to deal with it is crucial for partisan work both within the state itself and on the government level. Details >>

American Foreign Policy

The US approach to the Ukraine-Russia crisis arose from the threat of Russia to international security and violation of the norms that govern inter-state relations. The annexation of Crimea region and subsequent deployment of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The US foreign policymakers saw this as an affront to sovereignty and stability of the international system. Details >>

Attribution and Motivation for Students

Attribution style is closely related to how students are motivated to learn something. The attribution style mainly focuses on how an individual views a situation. Some may choose to view failure as a proof of collective failure. Attribution style may either be positive leading to better performance in a class, or negative which ends up demoralizing a student and increasing his/her failure in a class. The attribution style of a student will affect a student’s learning experience substantially. Details >>