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Criminal Justice from a Global perspective

Running head: CRIMINAL JUSTICE FROM A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE 1. Different global outlook of different nations to unite in terms of society, economy and politics is what is referred to as Globalization. It has had major impact on the lives of American people and the world in general since it has directly affected the movement of goods and services within the nations boundary and this has made it easier to access external financial opportunities within the countries Details >>

Plea Bargaining

Plead bargaining refers to the process during which the prosecutor and defendant reach an agreement in a criminal case whereby the defendant is ready to plead guilty to charges for an aim of attaining some benefits from the prosecutor (Fisher, 2003). For instance, the defendants will plead guilty to one of the charges with the aim of experiencing dismissal of the rest of the charges Details >>

Comparative Evaluation

Comparative Evaluation of Criminal Justice Systems. Comparative Evaluation of Criminal Justice Systems. In this paper, I will analyze criminal justice systems of the three countries: the United States, Switzerland, and the Netherlands Details >>

Police Pursuits

The research paper covers one of the most widespread issues of the American justice police pursuits. It is a well known fact that the USA is the worlds automobile country. As a result, cars of many types and sizes are used not only by law-abiding citizens, but also by all the criminals and gangs Details >>


Since the early 70's every ordinary American administration had to deal with the problem of coordinating the efforts of federal agencies in the fight against terrorism. And every government has resolved the issue in its own way. Era of international terrorism has started with a political murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 Details >>

The Nature of Scientific Variables

Running head: THE NATURE OF SCIENTIFIC VARIABLES 1. For studying causes and effects of different relationships in nature, scientists use experiments. The term scientific variable is associated with the experiment Details >>