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The Way of a Peaceful Warrior

The Way of a Peaceful Warrior is a book authored by Dan Millman, a former Olympic champion, and based on the true-life accounts of the athlete. After reading it, one gets inspired by the manner in which Millman manages to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. Details >>

1776 by David McCullough

In this famous book titled 1776 David McCullough tells about the battles that happened in the midst of the Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1777. It was the year when the Declaration of Independence was accepted by the Congress... Details >>

Theme of a Passage to India

A Passage to India is a mystical novel that addresses many themes that can be found in the real life. For instance, it discusses the issue of the friendship between the representatives of different nations, the concepts of power and justice, and criticizes the.... Details >>

American Health Care Dilemma

The idea of American dilemma was created by Gunnar Myrdal in his book, An American Dilemma. In the views, the term referred to moral challenges that the nation face in its effort to live to its highest morals and values. This is in relation to the effects of discrimination... Details >>

Analysis of the Film Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is a documentary film directed by Robert Kenner who observes the industrial production of food including grains, vegetables, and of course, meat. The director shows that the entire consumption industry is inhuman as it has a negative impact on a human body... Details >>

Banning Plastic Use

Plastics are materials manufactured through the use of either synthetic or semi-synthetic material. Plastics can be molded into various shapes and sizes for different purposes. The main types of plastics manufactured and used across the world are thermoplastics and thermosets... Details >>