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Iranian Cinema Before and After the Revolution Essay

In the recent past, the Iranian cinema has received much praise from regional and international forums, analysts and scholars. In particular, the distinct themes and style, manifestation of culture and nationhood, and the dedication of the authors/directors have been unique, attracting... Details >>

Legalization of Marijuana Essay

Legalization of marijuana has been a constantly debated topic by legislators across the globe. Some of the legislators and activists have been fighting for its legalization arguing that it would be more beneficial than its prohibition. Other legislators have feared the legalization... Details >>

Literature Theory Essay

Many poets produce good pieces of literary work either in form of poems or plays. Shakespeare, Greenberg and Schweickart are the most influential writers in the world history. This paper defines their poems and artistic styles, which they used in producing plays, poems or films. It... Details >>

Logistics Essay

Despite the short-term fluctuations of the economy, the international trade continues to grow at a remarkable pace. One of the most significant trends of the XX century is the international expansion of industry. Currently, all large companies are significantly involved in... Details >>

Political Sciences Essay

It has widely been wondered the need to seriously any international relations theory. However, it is important to understand while a theory basis itself with the international norms that have been agreed on, it is purely an academic venture and might not actually reflect the... Details >>

Problems Facing New Teachers Essay

New teachers face a many problems at the beginning of their careers, especially during the first year of teaching. These problems are associated with different factors, such as an increased demand for teaching standards and accountability, diverse student needs, including those... Details >>