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Racial Profiling Essay

Today, the majority of the world’s population still leaves on less than 2 dollars a day despite the adoption of capitalism. The most critical issues that still exist are racism, unemployment, and poverty. According to Dowd (2000), economics is not value-free. While capitalism aims at... Details >>

Response Paper Sample

In the article, McCloskey (1968, p. 62) refers to arguments as “proofs” and implies that they cannot definitively establish the case for God, so they should be abandoned. However, he fails to provide concrete proof of God being non-existent. He dwells on two main arguments, namely... Details >>

The Right to Privacy Essay

A person, his/her rights, and freedoms have the highest value. Observance, recognition, and protection of the rights and freedoms of a citizen and person must be a duty of every state. The right to privacy is one of the basic human rights. They include such important ones as... Details >>

Training Program Essay

Training programs are frameworks designed for fortifying skills, knowledge or competence in specific segments of an entity’s human resource. Employee training is not only a necessity but also a strategic management approach to establishing competitive advantage. Normally, training... Details >>

Women in Philosophy Essay

The contribution of women to the field of philosophy cannot be ignored. It is worth noting that women have been instrumental in the development of philosophical ideas that lay the foundation of today’s philosophy. One of the most famous women-philosophers to have existed in history is... Details >>

Development of Individuals with and without Hearing Loss Essay

Hearing loss (deafness) is the decrease of the ability to find and understand sounds. Any organism capable of perceiving a sound can suffer. Sound waves differ by the frequency and amplitude. Hearing loss is caused by a wide range of biological and ecological factors. It can be caused... Details >>