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Argumentative Essay Sample

The use of children’s Computed Tomography (CT) as an imaging tool in radiology has been increasing in the past decade. However, due to potential side effects on the children undergoing this medical procedure, children’s CT scan has become a public health concern that... Details >>

Chinese Empire Essay

In the Asian continent, the Chinese nation has recorded a faster growing economy. The government has recorded rapid growth in the past decade. This has led the country to emerging as among the strongest and most dependent if not growing economies on the globe after the... Details >>

Effective Leadership Essay

Though the concept of leadership has long been central to the management of private companies, public institutions have only started to incorporate it in their organizational culture. In criminal justice, the approach to leadership styles and strategies is also evolving. The sphere of criminal justice... Details >>

Game as Culture Essay

Entertainment Software Rating Board reveals astonishing statistics claiming that about 67% of US households play video games, with 40% of players being females aged 34 years on average, spending at least eight hours per week for this activity. Apart from that, 48% of parents play... Details >>

Action Research Project

The purpose of this paper is to outline a human resource problem at NeuTech Systems Inc. which relates to a skills gap among its employees. An organizational development (OD) strategy is also recommended together with the rationale for its choice. An evaluation plan is also discussed... Details >>

Administrative Ethics Case Study: Boss, We've Got a Problem

According to the case study, Charlie Upton was perceived and admired as a reputable, professional policeman who always upheld ethics (Thomson & Leidlein, 2008). As a result of his ethical compliance and remarkable devotion to his work, Upton was made responsible to head the department’s... Details >>