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American Indian Women: A Group to Be Admired

The life of indigenous groups and its members, especially women, is unknown to the majority of people. In fact, such females suffer from violence and abuse more often than other women, and American Indian representatives are not an exception. An average American Indian woman living inside... Details >>

American Revolution

Revolutions are factual events that have occurred in different times in history to affect certain changes. It also befits certain perspectives of being historical facts about the life of a given people or communities. Many states and countries with evident political stability and functioning government... Details >>

Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Jean Edward Smith is the story of a great man written by a great narrator. FDR was published in 2007 and became a national bestseller. At the beginning of the book there is a list of historical works written by Smith, among them the biographies... Details >>

Cocaine Addiction

This paper is a book review of Cocaine Addiction, Edition 1 by Jerome J. Platt that was published on June 4, 2000. It is an excellent book based on the fact that Dr. Platt has written a comprehensive text on the problem of cocaine abuse and how the treatment approach can be initiated to counter... Details >>

Concept Synthesis on Personal Nursing Philosophy

My name is Ignacio Alzugaray. I was born and raised up in a small town in Central Cuba. My father, Mattie Perry, worked as a retail businessman. My mother, Vera Cameron, was a social and community health worker. I was born the second among four children. Since my childhood and throughout my life... Details >>

Crime Victim Compensation Program Analysis

There are various programs designed for crime victims such as Welfare programs, Crime Victim Assistance Program and also Crime victim compensation program. Most of these programs are designed to ensure fairness in terms of treating the crime victim and enable them to recover successfully... Details >>