Harvard Formatting Style: Essential Information

When you are expected to prepare Harvard styles essays, you should apply the Harvard formatting style. You are supposed to strictly keep to the Harvard style page format and Harvard outline format rules, as well as other peculiar features of this style when completing your written assignment. If you want to find out more about the Harvard formatting style, please attentively read each piece of information given in the article below.


Perfect Harvard Writing Format and Style

It is worth noting that Harvard style formatting is mainly focusing on the areas of references and citation. The Harvard style works involve applying inside text citation utilizing the system of the author / date. In accordance with the following system, the surname or last name of the author or writer and the date of materials publication are to be enclosed in brackets. They should be separated by a comma and put at the end of the sentence presenting the ideas from that very source. An idea from a certain source can be included into the text arranged in accordance with the Harvard formatting style works in two ways. The first way is to paraphrase the writer’s idea using your own words, whereas the second one is to quote the writer’s direct words. 

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When you use a direct quote, the quotation mark should be included, and in case the quotations are very long, they ought to be indented into their own paragraphs. When the idea from the chosen source is quoted directly, the number of the page where the necessary info is provided can be included into the parenthesis, comprising the author’s last name and the publication date. 

Sometimes, there are sources of the related information that are very complicated to identify the authors. In this case the title of the article or book is used to replace the author’ last name inside the parenthesis in the Harvard style works. While you cite a source that has been completed by more than two authors, only one author’s surname is included followed by et al. and then the publication year should be provided.

Harvard style pieces of writing also imply including a list of all the references at their end. All sources that were cited in the text should be provided in the Harvard style reference page where their complete and detailed bibliographic info is given. 

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Referencing any book in the reference page arranged according to the Harvard style requirements should be as follows:

  • Author’s last name, initials of the first name, publication date, title of the book, its place of publication, as well as the name of the publishing company. 
  • When you need to reference an electronic source, the author’s surname, initials of the first name, publication date, title, the very date when the material was referred to and the URL are to be indicated. 

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