Wonderful High School Research Paper Topics: Topics You Should Not Overlook!

Choosing high school research paper topics and writing an actual research paper itself are both tiring tasks. The process is even more difficult if you cannot think of a suitable topic. These days, a lot of teachers tend to give students assignments on a range of optional topics. Usually, they only provide general guidance on the subject matter for written work. Consequently, if you are a high school student you may have to look online for worthwhile topics. If you have to do this, it is best to confine your search to reliable academic websites, such as the website of Best-Writing-Service.org. Our aim is to help students learn and to ensure they achieve their educational objectives.

To help you with your high school projects, our experts have compiled a comprehensive list of possible topics for research papers. These topic ideas span a wide range of subjects to give you plenty choice. It is to be hoped that at least one of these topics will suit your needs and that you will use it as the basis of your research paper. If, however, there are no topics in this list to suit you, it is possible you will find inspiration just from seeing what types of topics are used in this genre of paper. Just by using ideas from our extensive list as examples should help you find a worthwhile issue to investigate.


The topics listed below are appropriate for both first year and senior level high school research papers. Pick a topic you like weighted against its suitability for your discipline and the amount of time you have to complete the paper. Our list is split into levels of complexity e.g. "easy complexity level," "medium complexity level," and "difficult complexity level." It is important to know, however, that these categories are relative since a great deal depends on your knowledge level in the individual areas. So, do your best not to focus only on easy topics. It may be that you find a better match in one of the other sections.

Choose a topic for your paper as early as you can in order to get it finished within the timeframe you have been given. We hope our list inspires you and wish you the best of luck!

Easy Complexity Level

  1. What distinguishes a jail from a prison? In what way do the differences between the two reflect how prisoners are treated?
  2. Trace the origins of country music i.e. where does it come to us from?
  3. How does the size of trees affect the levels of moisture in soil?
  4. Explain the evolution of social services in the Bahama Islands and say what you think can be done to further enhance these services.
  5. Explain how telescope technology has evolved from its ancient roots to the present day.
  6. Trace the various stages in the civil rights movement from its development in 1960s USA. Which of the movement's events would you regard as being the most significant?
  7. How would you say Theodore Roosevelt performed when he was a leader in the military?
  8. Would you describe the notion that global warming is boosted by the greenhouse effect as a truth or a myth?
  9. Trace the history of the developing arts in border areas between the USA and Mexico.
  10. Which recent innovations in technology have been the most significant in the field of mechanical engineering?
  11. What role did visual communications have in language development with specific reference to prehistoric times?
  12. From your understanding of the Bible, how did sin originate?
  13. Discuss how the political landscape in the USA was impacted by Hiroshima following the atomic bombing.
  14. The US government has three important branches. Which of these wields the most power and say why?
  15. Do you think the current age of 21 is the right age for people to be permitted to legally drink alcohol? Would there be any benefit in lowering the current age limit?
  16. Compare New York's anti-nationalism movements with those currently ongoing in China's Hong Kong.
  17. What counts as successful teaching? Give reasons for your answer. Which is most important - a teacher's extensive subject knowledge or their ability to effectively impart information?

Medium Complexity Level

  1. What impact does polluted air have on people's health?
  2. The prison system in America is flawed in certain ways. What would you say these flaws are?
  3. What social issues caused the Russian Revolution and Alexander II's assassination?
  4. Explain how racism problems are described in the US media e.g. in movies, on television shows, and in animation?
  5. Questions concerning dark matter that remain unrevealed.
  6. Explain the invention of the chivalric code. Would you say it worked in Europe in Medieval times?
  7. Explain how you think sports-related violence can be reduced.
  8. Describe some of the factors that influence obesity rates in African American women in the 18 to 30 age range.
  9. Would it be correct to say women's rights movements profited from the American Revolution?
  10. How is prolificacy in the USA affected by the storing of radioactive waste?
  11. What can governments do to ensure disabled people get good-quality education?
  12. Discuss women's role in Europe at the start of the twentieth century.
  13. What specificities are involved in the education of teenage male children in India?
  14. Cryptography is a method of secure written communication or hiding information. Trace the development of this technique in the Soviet Union.
  15. How the development of the continent of Europe has been influenced by climate.

Difficult Level

  1. Is there a valid case for outlawing death penalties completely?
  2. Why motor development is important at an early age i.e. at the age of three or even younger.
  3. Why Plato's mathematical philosophies are significant.
  4. Is it possible for the behavior of voters to be radically affected by polls published in the media prior to an election?
  5. How a good leader should act during periods of change.
  6. Can the media have an impact on the self-esteem of teenagers and, if so, what is its impact?
  7. Discuss the role that US women played in the age of industrialization following the country's Civil War.
  8. What can immigrant women entering the USA do to cope with issues such as marriage, social acceptance and identity, gender discrimination/equality, and other challenges?
  9. Does any link exist between the availability of women's educational opportunities and their desire to have families?
  10. What factors encourage individuals without belief or faith in God to live good lives?
  11. How is the environment significantly affected by the genetic modification of food?
  12. Examine how security levels have changed since the 9/11 terrorist atrocity in New York by comparing and contrasting security levels prior to and following the attacks.
  13. How is a child's ability to get an education affected by the divorce of their parents?
  14. Can school authorities do anything to reduce the numbers of students who develop drug addictions and what should they do?
  15. When Mt St Helens erupted in the year 1980, how was the population in the areas around it impacted?
  16. What societal factors are generally thought to boost eating disorders among teenagers?
  17. In what ways have the most recent round of reforms to the USA's immigration laws influenced the country's Hispanic population?
  18. Can mental illnesses be treated effectively where music is used in addition to conventional therapies?