How to Start an Investigative Essay

If you learn how to compose an investigative essay, you will experience no problems when designing an argumentative essay. The process of writing both aforementioned types of papers is quite similar. Before starting to compose an investigative essay, it is necessary to research the available information related to the selected subject. In the case of an argumentative essay, one needs also to formulate a particular argument and strengthen it with the gathered data. While an investigative essay is a type of an academic paper, it does not entail the strict following of academic standards. Therefore, one may voice own views in such papers.

An investigative essay is quite similar to other academic papers. Therefore, it must contain an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

Like in the majority of other essay, there ought to be a “hook” in the first section of the paper. An effective “hook” must grab the attention of readers and keep them interested in continuing reading the paper.

An investigative essay may begin with the following elements:


If you cite other researchers, you will show that you are well versed in your discussion topic, and that you conducted a thorough search of relevant literature. Therefore, you should try to refer to credible sources to support your arguments. For instance, in your introductory paragraph, you may refer to Sigmund Freud if the topic of your paper is gender roles, social relations, or causes of depression.

An attempt to make the audience express their views

If an author appeals to the audience and encourages readers to form opinions about particular issues, readers might become more interested in the work. When composing a paper about a particular industry, for instance, an author might encourage the audience to ponder over the significance of that field and what life would be without it.

An impressing statement or comparison

You can motivate the audience to continue reading your work by impressing or thrilling them with original thoughts or statements. To achieve such an effect, an author may employ numerous rhetoric tools. When writing about the spread of a certain disease or condition, for example, an author may provide statistical data and inform the audience about the number of people dying from that disease every day.

A witty or humorous expression

Since an investigative essay is less formal type of academic paper, one may even use a humorous or witty remark related to the subject of discussion.