Ideas for a Thesis Paper on Advertising

The very first thing you need to do in order to write a successful thesis is to choose a suitable topic. This is why it is so important to take this part seriously. First of all, the topic you choose should be a manageable one, which means it should not be overly-broad or overly-narrow. In the second place, your topic should be one you find interesting. In the event you are still unsure what topic to choose, take a look at the topic ideas below. These are all related to the subject of advertising and you should find at least some of them useful:

  1. Understanding Advertising as an Art

Discuss whether you think the advertising business is an art. What form of art is it?

  1. The Internet as an Advertising Platform

Discuss how the emergence of the Internet has changed the nature of advertising and the processes surrounding it.

  1. The Background to Advertising – History of the Industry

Examine the history and background of advertising, exploring it from its beginnings to the present day. List some of the most prominent changes.

  1. How Advertising Works – The Mechanisms

Describe how people’s minds are influenced by advertising and the psychological mechanisms that are used to make people buy one product or another.

  1. Use of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in Advertising

Discuss your thoughts on NLP in the advertising industry. Do you think this method is effective?

  1. Well-Known Brand

Provide a list of between five and ten of the world’s best known brands. Describe the history of these brands and how they became successful.

  1. What Types of Advertising Should be Disallowed

Evaluate and analyze different types of advertisements and say which types should not be allowed. Explain your reasoning.

  1. Should Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising be Banned or Not?

Consider the different advertisements for tobacco and alcohol and say whether or not you feel these are ethical and/or appropriate. Should there be a ban on promoting these products?

  1. The Most Lucrative Products in Advertising

Provide a list of the things that are most lucrative or profitable for advertisers to promote.

  1. How Goods Can be Made Attractive and Popular

Describe the marketing methods you think are most effective and efficient for promoting goods.

  1. Consumer Psychology – What People Buy

Do some psychological research and say what it is that guides people when they are deciding what products to buy.

  1. The Stylistic Elements Used in Advertising

Examine a number of advertisements and discuss the peculiarities and styles of the different texts.

  1. Getting Consumers to Choose Your Products

Highlight some of the tricks that advertisers use to persuade consumers. Say which ones you think are the best and most effective.

  1. How Children are Impacted by Advertising

How are children influenced by advertising?

  1. High Quality Versus Effective Advertising – What Works?

Using research, state what it is that determines success. Is it high product quality or clever advertising?

  1. The Impact of Packaging and Its Influence on Success

Describe how consumers are influenced by the design of the packaging of a product.

  1. Styles of Execution in Advertising

Explain the different styles and types of advertising.

  1. The Use of Sex in Advertisements

Give the reasons for using sex in advertising and say if you think this is right or appropriate.

  1. The Factors that Affect Impulse Purchasing

Say, what you think it is that makes people buy one thing or another.

  1. Products That Do Not Need to be Promoted

Explain why you think some goods are always popular, what these are, and why they do not need promoting.