Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

A lot of students struggle to cope up with ideas on how to start writing their essay

They consider writing an introductory paragraph a difficult process because of the common misconception that they have to create it before writing the main body of an essay. Even though the introduction comes first in a composition, it does not necessarily mean that you have to start your writing from this part. Surprisingly, the majority of outstanding writers omit writing this paragraph until they finish their composition. It is possible to explain when considering that a body and main paragraphs still may need improvement. In the process of working, you may want to change them. It often happens that you cannot predict the direction your paper will lead you. Thereby, skipping an introductory part may save your time, as you will not have to return to the beginning and rewrite it adjusting to new ideas or arguments. 

However, if you are a kind of a student who cannot proceed until the introduction is written, it might be the best solution to compose something short and nice and leave it up to the time when you finish the entire paper. Thus, you may return to the introductory paragraph and make some necessary changes. 

If you find it challenging to write an introduction, you should go through multiple sample to get some inspiration. A lot of articles of professional online journals have well-designed introductory paragraphs. So, you may read them to analyze how they are connected to the paper reflecting its main idea. Moreover, if you pay attention to the way introduction coexists with conclusion, you will definitely understand how the paper should be arranged with all its arguments. 

Obviously, before creating an introductory paragraph, you should select a topic. In case you cannot make up your mind to pick one, you may look at the list below. These topics may turn out to be very helpful:

Can you identify any remaining ethical issues in the clothing and textile industry? If so, who should be responsible for ensuring wages when hiring overseas: a company or the government? 

  • Has manufacturing been affected by the fair trade movement?
  • Ebola
  • Pharmaceutical contracts ethics
  • Ethics of employment manufacturing overseas
  • How has the natural world changed due to globalization
  • Is TSA going off the limits
  • The efficacy of the wind energy
  • Does streaming videos online impact the way advertising works in modern society?