Main Parts of an Essay

Components of an Essay

All of us have received a task to write an essay at least once in our life, so it is a well-known fact that a typical essay should consist of such components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

However, to get a positive feedback on an essay from your tutor, you should also include the following:

  1. Essay title
  2. An outline

So, your final essay draft should contain these elements in the following order: title, outline, introduction, several body paragraphs (depending on the length of the essay), and conclusion. Of course, based on the specific requirements from your tutor, your essay might include some additional elements, or some of them will have to be omitted. However, if there are no such requirements, absence of any of the components will never earn you an A.


Here is a detailed explanation of each of the basic parts of an essay

  1. Creative and Informative Title

It should attract the readers’ attention and encourage them to read on. However, do not be overly creative since the title should also make it clear what your essay is about.

  1. Outline

Consider it a backbone of your essay. It is a concise plan of what is going to be discussed in each paragraph.

  1. Introduction

In this paragraph, you introduce the topic to the reader. Starting with a good attention grabber rather than with some boring sentence will ensure that the reader does not put your essay away. Provide some background information on the topic. Do not digress! End this paragraph with a thesis statement in which you tell what claim you are making with this essay.

  1. Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs depends on the length of the essay. Usually, you will have to write a five-paragraph essay which means it should have three body paragraphs. Each of them has to relate back to the thesis statement and provide evidence to support it. Start each paragraph with a strong topic sentence. The last sentence in every body paragraph should briefly summarize its main ideas.

  1. Conclusion

In this paragraph, you will have to make a summary of the key ideas of the essay. Some professors advise restating what has been said in your thesis statement. However, avoid repetitions. Rather, make your conclusion concise and meaningful. Do not discuss any new information in this part of the essay, you should only mention all important points you described in the body.