MLA Format Template Recommendations

How to Do an Essay in MLA 8 Format

If you are working on an essay and is using MLA style, you may wish to have some easy-to-use MLA format template that will make the whole process of referencing and formatting much easier for you. Most likely, you have some experience using MLA formatting in your papers. In fact, most college and university professors ask their students to use either MLA or APA in their works. However, the two styles are so different that you may have hard time trying to learn even their basics. MLA definition and requirements may sound confusing, so follow our MLA formatting guide to improve your writing skills. 


MLA Format Template for You

The MLA citation format is actually a compilation of simple guidelines presented by the Modern Language Association. The MLA formatting definition includes some basic recommendations in terms of formatting and style.

  • Use Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Use one-inch margins on all sides
  • Use one space after each period
  • Use double spacing throughout
  • Don't forget about paragraph indentation – each new paragraph must be left-aligned and indented, half-inch from the left side of the paper. It is better to use Tab for indentation. 

MLA Formatting Citation and Guidelines for Page Numbering

  • Use italics when you mention titles of books, poems or articles in the body of the paper.
  • If your professor asks you to use endnotes instead of in-text citations, these will have to come on a separate page just before the Works Cited.
  • What is MLA format? It is a formatting and referencing style that does not require a title page, unless your tutor asks for one.
  • Use the upper left corner of the first page to type in your name, course or subject, professor's name, and date of submission.
  • Include an MLA format essay outline before the text. Number all pages. Page numbers must appear in the upper right corner of each page. Your last name must be printed just left from the page number (e.g. Atkinson 2).
  • The title of your paper must be printed at the center.
  • In your essay outline, each section must have a number. However, the same sections may not have numbers in the body of your paper. 

MLA 8 in Text Citation and Works Cited Page

What does MLA stand for? You may not have an easy answer to this question. However, you will still need to figure out how to use proper MLA format in text citation in the body of your paper. Basically, a works cited page will incorporate each and every reference that you use in the body of your work. You will have to arrange all sources alphabetically by the name of the author. Each entry must include the full title of the source (capitalized), year of publication, place of publication, number and issue of the journal (for journal articles), and so on. Just imagine that your readers are using your MLA format essay template to locate the sources that you have used in your work. Make sure that the information you provide makes it easier for readers to find each source. For instance:

  • Bonapart, Quentin. Doing France. London: ABS, 2011.
  • Ramirez, Denise. "Traveling around the Globe." Traveler's Guide, 5.2 (1998): 13-17. 

These are just a couple of unreal titles that you will never find in libraries. However, they suggest the way that your MLA works cited page could be formatted if you were working on your MLA style essay today.