Possible Topics for a Business Essay

Tips on choosing business essay topics

When it comes to the world of business, there are numerous topics that one can write about, most of which have the potential to make powerful essays. A lot of business topics are worth studying – and indeed it is important to do so – since a lot of business activities have a considerable overall bearing on society. Therefore, you might decide to choose a topic that has an equal or partial influence on matters at home and overseas. You will need to research your chosen topic so here are some things to take into account when you are doing that: 


Focus on matters that are current

  • Is the law influenced by any single business policy and, if so, how?
  • Choose a particular policy and explain how this fits with existing regulations.
  • Are there any policies that everyone could benefit from?
  • Are there any harmful policies, and what are these?

If your aim is to produce an essay that is not too difficult to research and will make pleasurable reading, look for a current topic. This is likely to be a lot more appealing and interesting, and you will be able to explain how and why this topic is relevant at the present time. The following are some possible topics: 

  • If you were to undertake a holistic assessment of the online selection and recruitment procedures used by companies in countries like India and China, how would you go about this?
  • Describe how innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth are related at a domestic and international level?
  • Choose a single business-related policy and explain how this influences existing law.

In certain countries around the world, there are sometimes specific laws that must be adhered to when transacting business at an international level. Such laws may concern labor and environmental matters. The following are examples of two questions that these laws might give rise to:

  • Describe what tensions might exist in different countries in terms of how best to balance responsibility for protecting the environment with the promotion of economic development. Explain how these tensions are resolved.
  • Describe how unions within Europe differ from unions with the USA. Which are more conducive to business - European unions or US unions?

Here are a few more topic ideas:

  • Choose a policy and explain how it fits with existing regulation?
  • Choose a specific regulation and describe it.

A business policy can relate to the laws or economic circumstances of a country. Virtually every country has its own rules in respect of taxation and employee rights. The following are examples of good topics for essays on these matters:   

  • How do European taxation policies differ from the USA’s taxation policies? Is it true that higher rates of taxation place a burden on businesses or do they encourage business investment that is beneficial to a country’s economy?  
  • List a few policies that would be beneficial to everyone.

The following topics are quite open-ended and offer a number of angles a writer could argue: 

  • Would the economy and business in general benefit in any overall way from higher taxes and, if so, how?
  • List some policies you would deem harmful?
  • What do you think would make taxes “fair?”

It is possible to debate topics like the ones below from a number of different angles, but they can also be focused on specific issues e.g. environmental protection, free trade, and so on. 

  • Have regulations regarding the environment improved or got worse over the last two decades?
  • Has the economy and its citizens been helped by free trade?