Produce a Well-Written Paper

Tips and Suggestions for a Successful Essay: First Time Around

Writing a well-structured and coherent essay seems to be a challenging task. In fact, it is not that difficult. An essay often reveals some information about the writer. Surprisingly, your essay expresses something striking about your personality, similar to what your grades or test scores do. There are several recommendations that you should follow if you are willing to improve your paper or make it perfectly at first time. These tips help you decide whether your paper is well-written or it needs some improvement. Take a look at these important features: 


  • Your strengths should be defined
  • You should select a popular topic or the one you are interested in

Create your first draft

  • After noting down all of your ideas, developing strong arguments, and making an outline, you have to arrange your paper in a proper way and decide which parts to include and which information to remove. 

Three vital parts of every essay

  • The introductory paragraph (the first paragraph)
  • The main body (includes at least three paragraphs devoted to different points; each paragraph starts with a topic sentence)
  • The conclusion (to summarize all the above-mentioned points; the last paragraph) 

Specificity and accuracy

  • Take a specific position regarding the topic you have chosen

Significance of creativity

  • Discuss the issues in a new way. Present your point of view with creative examples. 

Be honest

  • What is your goal: to satisfy the audience writing exactly what they want to hear or to express your personal point of view, express your feeling and thoughts? 

Get it proofread by somebody

  • Get a feedback on your essay from a friend or a family member
  • Take their comments into account (especially of the paper needs improvement)

Proofread and make some changes

  • Read the essay aloud to identify all the grammatical mistakes, misspelled words or poor sentence structure. Correct all the flaws.
  • Add new information or ideas to your essay
  • Again: you may ask somebody to proofread your final paper

Generally, to compose a well-written and coherent essay, you have to ensure that it meets all the requirements of academic writing. Introduction should be quite appealing to grab readers’ attention and make them read the whole essay. Besides, you have to ensure that all your arguments are strong and supported with concrete evidence. It is crucial to proofread your essay to identify any possible flaws and fix them. As you see, there is not so much to do to get a well-written paper.