Topic Ideas for an Essay on Business Ethics

Ethics is a concept that is relatively complicated and one that can mean different things to different individuals (or groups of individuals). In reality, the notion of ethics is dependent on several factors and the various circumstances of an individual’s life. In general terms, much depends on how a variety of actions are considered – i.e. the rights or wrongs of certain actions – according to their effects on different people and how these people are affected by these actions. Consequently, for these reasons, the definition of ethics is never absolute and is constantly open to question.  


If you have to choose a topic concerning ethics for some type of assignment, e.g., an essay, it is always best to choose something you find interesting and will enjoy writing about. This will help make the writing experience more pleasant for you and will enable you to produce a successful paper. Another important factor is how easy it will be to find information on your chosen topic so this is something you should also check out before you finally decide. The list below contains 25 of the most current topics for an essay on business ethics to help get you started:

  1. The real cost of putting productivity above quality.
  2. Are a company’s profits more important or less important than that company’s consumers and their needs?
  3. What are the implications of hiring people according to their race?
  4. Are cigarettes any benefit to society and, if so, how?
  5. Discuss the negative impacts of globalization on smaller economies.
  6. Is labor abused in the construction industry?
  7. Discuss how the development of the young is now influenced by social media and what responsibilities these companies have?
  8. Why do you think small enterprises are likely to fail?
  9. Are redundancies always necessary, and do businesses benefit from these?
  10. Is performance affected in companies that discriminate on the basis of gender and, if so, how?
  11. How fair is it to expect employees to smile when they are unhappy about their pay?
  12. Should family circumstances/status be taken into account when determining a person’s pay?
  13. Would you say that online advertising is invasive and a complete abuse of the consumer’s time and technological resources?
  14. Discuss how the quest for profit can affect product quality?
  15. Can good advertising affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem?
  16. Is there any justification for making books that killers write available to the public?
  17. Should labor outsourcing be banned and better wages paid to local employees?
  18. Should companies test potential employees for drug usage before hiring them?
  19. Do you think the sale of alcohol is legal only because it makes money for certain people?
  20. The majority of companies make their money through hidden charges. Would you agree?
  21. Explain why businesses are often unable to avoid polluting the air/environment,.
  22. It should be permissible for businesses to select potential employees according to gender and anticipated levels of performance.
  23. Artificially-enhanced beverages are a lot more harmful than producers admit.
  24. The majority of HR departments have no choice but to enforce the tyrannical policies of uncaring managers.
  25. More effort should be made to identify non-genuine cases of depression and these should be dealt with severely.