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The conflict emerged in 1775 and then eventually turned into what is now known as the American Revolution. It involved the opposition between the united thirteen colonies and Great Britain. The colonists were led by many factors towards their fight for independence. The factors that fueled the colonists rage not only led to war but also had long-term effects regarding the USA independence proclamation. 

As a rule, each revolution is caused by a system of different factors. Normally, it is not about a single event but a complex of them. Regarding the American Revolution, it was a disagreement on how Great Britain ruled its colonies. American citizens were convinced that they deserved the rights that the Englishmen possessed back then. On the contrary, the British crown reckoned that the colonies had to exist to suit the needs of the British Parliament. As a result, the conflict is represented in one of the mottos of the American Revolution, which sounds as, “No taxation without representation.” 

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How to Write what Caused the American Revolution Essay

  • American Independent Mode of Thinking 

To get a clear picture of what specific factors caused the rebellion, it is essential to explore what mindset the Founding Fathers had. Peculiarly, this type of mindset was not inherent in the major part of the colonists. Since the 18th century is widely known as the Enlightenment Era, it signifies that governmental politics, the role of the church, and some societal ethical issues started to be questioned by many artists and philosophers. This period is also known to be called the Age of Reason. 

Many revolutionary leaders started to study and investigate some of the most essential writings of the Enlightenment Era, specifically the works of John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Hobbes, and others. Therefore, these leaders were aware of some brand-new ideas about limited government, separation of powers, social construct, and governmental consent. 

In particular, Locke’s book was a key source that helped the revolutionists bring forward a question about the excessive reach of the British rule and the rights and freedoms of the governed. They encouraged the Republicans’ ideology that was brought to the opposition of the-then tyranny. 

In their turn, John Adams and Ben Franklin were also under the impact of ideas taught by the Presbyterians and the Puritans. For example, there emerged principles and new radical ideas claiming that all human beings were created equal. More so, they initiated the belief that no king can have any divine rights. Altogether, this new way of thinking laid the foundation for the idea that people have the right to rebel against injustice. 

  • Freedoms and Restrictions 

Colonies’ geography was another factor that contributed to the emergence of the revolution. The great distance between the colonies and Great Britain was the real reason for independence and separation as these colonies were difficult to control.

In 1763, the Proclamation also made a contribution to speeding up the process. At the end of the French and Indian War, a decree was issued by King George III, which proclaimed that no ongoing colonization should be made to the west of the Appalachian Mountains. The core aim was to neutralize the relationship with the Indigenous natives. 

  • The Government’s Control 

Colonial legislation helped the colonies to free from the rule of the Crown. They issued the allowance to establish laws, muster troops, and impose taxes. 

At the same time, the British government had a different vision on the issue of control, so it attempted to prevent the colonies from getting their autonomy and freedom. Any restrictive attempts led the rebels towards the fight for independence. That way, the future US leaders were born. 

  • Economic Issues 

One of the greatest economic troubles that the British government faced was connected with the French and Indian War. The price the government had to pay was significant since new taxes were imposed due to the lack of funding. Along with the new taxes, new regulations for trading were also initiated, which was negatively perceived by the colonists. 

In 1764, two new taxes, the Currency Act and the Sugar Act, were put to enforcement. The former one banned the process of printing money in the colonies, thus businesses were dependent on the exhausted British economy. The latter one was related to the restriction of exporting goods to Great Britain and imposing taxes on molasses. 

The aforementioned motto, “No taxation without representation” emerged as a result of over taxation, underrepresentation, and the inability to engage in free trade. In 1773, during the well-known Boston Tea Party, this disagreement and dissatisfaction became even more apparent. 

  • Criminal Justice 

Among the spheres that were most controlled were commerce and trade. Colonial governments were restricted in terms of the British Army forces that were spread across the Atlantic. These were the reasons why the American colonists were victims of bribery.

In the-then situation, political rebellions became a common issue. Alexander McDougall even got imprisoned after his work “To the Betrayed Inhabitants of the City and Colony of New York” was revealed to the public. McDougal’s imprisonment as well as the Boston Massacre were among the restrictive and cruel measures taken by the British rule to fight and repress the protesters. 

After it was officially stated that the six British soldiers were not guilty of the crime and the other two were disrespectfully freed from the responsibility for the Boston Massacre, the British Crown modified the rules. Starting from that event, any issues connected with offense or rebels in the colonies as well as any accusations, would be sent to England to await trial. It had specific outcomes: fewer convictions could be made due to the fact that few witnesses could be present at the trial. 

To make matters worse, the jury court trials were cancelled in favor of the rule of colonial judges. Gradually, the colonial authorities lost their impact and power. The judges were under the supervision of the British government and were to be paid and chosen by the government authorities. 

  • Grievances That Caused the Revolution 

It can be concluded that all colonists’ grievances related to the British Crown provoked the American Revolution. More so, many of them directly impacted the ideas that were mentioned by the Founding Fathers in the American Constitution. All the principles and rights mentioned there were aimed to express the hopes of the newly-formed American government. The main goal it persevered was never to subject the Americans to the risk of losing their rights and freedoms, which was the main problem faced by the colonists under the British rule. 

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