Write a Synopsis of My Novel: Effective Secrets

The main challenge in writing a synopsis is squeezing the story into smaller size without losing its mystery so that an editor could read it in just a few minutes. Indeed, a short three- or four-page synopsis should tell the story from the beginning until the very end. It would be great if this synopsis could include irony, humor, emotional tension, and intrigue of the book. Synopsis is a perfect instrument for making the book more popular. In other words, it should make the reader want to read the initial manuscript.


Useful Guide to Write a Synopsis of Novel

synopsis of a Novel

  • Step 1. Write a book.

Indeed, it is the simplest and the most complicated step at the same time. If the book is not written yet, the paper you are writing is not a synopsis; it is an outline. In order to write a synopsis, you need to write a book from the beginning to the very end. So, for understanding the following steps better, let`s assume that the book is already written.

  • Step2. Skip through the manuscript focusing on the most important events in every chapter. 

As the synopsis is not a lengthy assignment, try to squeeze the content of each chapter to only one-two sentences. I assure you that it is possible once you understand the main point of the chapter as well as its purpose. Surely, some chapters need more than just two sentences, especially the introductory, the climax, and the culmination one. In the introductory chapter, you need to tell about the characters, their specific feature, and their motivation. Do not forget to include the ending. It is critically important when writing the synopsis since the ending makes the overall impression of the book. 

  • Step 3. Think carefully about the beginning of your synopsis.

Keep in mind that even if you need to introduce your character, you cannot spend a whole page for that. Thus, you have to think carefully about the information that you want to include in your synopsis. In other words, the first part of your synopsis should include the information from the first chapter of your work. Who is your main character? Where does the story take place? What is the main problem discussed in the book?

  • Step 4. Focus on the plot.

When writing a synopsis on your book, you need to focus mainly on the plot and avoid lengthy descriptions. Remember that the essential purpose of any synopsis is telling the story. Do not include the meaningless details that do not refer to the plot since it will significantly reduce your chances for getting the desired outcome. 

  • Step 5. Tell more about your characters.

Most books have the interesting characters, who make these books unique. If you want to intrigue your readers with your synopsis, you need to explain why your characters are worth attention. Indicate the moments or episodes that influence your characters mentally. Does your character learn something throughout the story? Does he/she change the beliefs and attitudes? Do not hesitate to show the growth or destruction of your character.

  • Step 6. Edit your synopsis.

If the synopsis you provide is full of typos, misspelled words, or grammatical mistakes, you will never get the desired result. You are a writer and you do not have the right for such a mistake. A little secret: have some rest before proofreading your synopsis. We assure you that it will help you look at your paper with fresh eyes. 

There are many synopsis templates available online. You can download some of them and learn a few tips and secrets of successful synopsis writing. Undoubtedly, having a good example of a synopsis, you will be able to create a truly professional piece.

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