Writing A Persuasive Essay

When you have the assignment to write a persuasive essay, you are expected to compose an essay where you provide an argument either “for” or “against” a certain problem or aspect. Your main goal when writing a persuasive essay is to persuade readers in your position regarding the topic. 

The format of a persuasive essay is actually similar to that of any other essay but for one thing: as a writer, you are not objective in discussing a specific issue but you provide a convincing argument that you support with reasoning and proven facts. A successfully written persuasive essay should make the reader pay consideration to the writer’s viewpoint or even accept it. As a rule, a persuasive essay ends with a call to action, the key aim of which is to pinpoint that the reader comes to agree with the writer’s perspective.

Tips on how to plan a persuasive essay 

  1. The starting point before writing an essay is to choose which position you will take. Start researching some details on the topic and facts. Afterwards, decide on whether you are for or against the issue. Most importantly, you should understand the purpose why you are developing a specific argument. When formulating your thesis statement, keep in mind the main purpose of the paper. 
  2. Define your target audience. Think of whether your readers will be more likely to agree or disagree with you. Such consideration will help you to decide how you will go through the process of writing. 
  3. Conduct some extensive research on the topic, as a properly written persuasive essay should be based on solid facts. Therefore, consult different sources if you want to develop a strong argument. To make your argument even more plausible, it is advisable to conduct some kind of experimental study or carry out an interview. 
  4. Ensure that your persuasive essay corresponds to the requirements of proper essay writing. After carrying out an in-depth research, you should organize your ideas in a proper way to ensure that your essay is well structured. The best tip here is to write down an outline first. In such way, you will clearly see the layout of the paper. 

Characteristics of a terrific persuasive essay 

  • Proper Organization

A properly organized persuasive essay should be informative and easy to comprehend. Besides, it should demonstrate the writer’s understanding of the selected topic and provide an interesting way of developing the argument. When writing a thesis statement, it is advisable to mention both sides of the chosen issue (for and against), but clearly state the perspective the writer agrees on.  

  • Sufficient Information for the Argument Development

In order to develop a strong argument, it is important to provide enough contrasting information as well. If you are simply providing information regarding one side of the issue, it is not clear what the other perspective is. Therefore, you should gather sufficient contrasting information to develop a plausible argument as effective persuasive writing entails proper understanding of both sides of the issue. Only after following these requirements will you develop a strong argument.  

  • Understandable Format of Writing

Often, students may be asked to present their persuasive essay at some presentation. In other words, they should deliver an argumentative speech on the chosen topic. Therefore, the presentation should be clear and easy to comprehend. To achieve this result, it is necessary to follow a proper format of writing. So, when organizing your essay, consult some outside sources regarding proper formatting or take a look at some samples of persuasive essay writing prepared by scholars or researchers. By following examples of professional writers, you will find it easier to get proper understanding of persuasive essay writing. 

To sum up, persuasive writing will be an easy task for you as soon as you understand format requirements. Therefore, find some time to read some samples written by professionals to come up with some ideas for your paper. By addressing some examples of persuasive essay writing, you might also come to understand what your professor wants. Composing an outline or brainstorming some ideas will definitely help you structure your ideas logically and coherently. The most important thing to care about is to make sure you have enough time for careful preparation.